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Miniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a setMiniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a set

Beer bottle replicas salt and pepper sets, five different breweries, miniature ACME, Schlitz, Falstaff, Fort Pitt and New Mexico souvenir.

SCHLITZ Beer bottle Salt and Pepper shakers, 2 sets in original box, Rightmost set of SCHLITZ is sold, These promotional shakers are miniature replicas of glass beer bottles. Shakers are molded amber glass, 3 7/8" tall, with original metal cap tops, marked MUTH Pat. Pend Buffalo on the underside. Crisp paper labels are replica Schlitz beer label and bottle ring around the neck. Two sets have the same label, the lighter amber bottle set is different. See photos. The bottom end of one label is ragged on one set. NO damage to glass or tops. Cardboard box is copyright 1957 . Your pick $16 each all for $40 (INV. 10165 10166)

ACME Miniature Beer Bottles salt and peppers, 2 promotional sets for sale, with different labels. Replica beer bottle shakers are molded amber glass, 3” tall with original metal tops. One set is textured glass with NO DEPOSIT NO RETURN embossed around the shoulder. Label is printed lithograph with gold border. Under side is marked Muth & Sons, Buffalo, NY 7. Lighter amber colored set is smooth glass with decal label, marked Muth Pat. Pend Buffalo. Paper labels read “Brewed by Acme Brewing Co, Los Angeles, (Vernon) Calif.”, the other “Brewed by Acme Breweries San Francisco, Calif.” NO damage to either set. Buy one for $16 or both for $29. (Inv. 9303 10164 )

FORT PITT Salt and Pepper Shakers Miniature Fort Pitt Beer Bottles in original box, advertising or promotional give aways, molded amber glass bottles, 4" tall with metal tops. Note: the 3" shakers are common and readily available, these 4" are the rare hard to find ones. Made by Edward Muth & Sons of Buffalo N.Y. Bottoms are embossed MUTH Pat Pend Buffalo. Paper labels on the front and at the neck. Reads Fort Pitt Brewing Company Pittsburgh 15, PA. $16 for this single set. (Inv. 2480)

NEW MEXICO souvenir Salt and Pepper set, shakers are light green molded glass, miniature beer bottle shaped, 3 7/8" tall, marked on the bottom Made in Taiwan, clear plastic tops, paper label on the front features Indian Dancers, Pueblos buildings, and a Road Runner, It reads New Mexico Land of Enchantment. Paper ring around the throat reads New Mexico. NO damage. Glass was manufactured to look old and has air bubbles. This souvenir set is $16 (Inv. 8984)

FALSTAFF Beer bottles salt and pepper set, 4” tall, paper label with gold printed border, marked 1964, amber glass replica bottles with metal top, marked on the underside MUTH PAT PEND BUFFALO. Neck ring labels are worn and bottle label is faded. NO damage to glass. (Inv. 4869) $16 for this set.

In every complete collection there should be at least a set or two of advertising mini beers salt and pepper set. Let us know which sets you wish to purchase. The most sought after are those with metal caps. Bottles with plastic caps are reproductions made in the 1970’s, mostly from Taiwan. Edward A. Muth & Sons, Inc. of Buffalo was a major supplier for miniature glass and metal top beer bottle sets. Code numbers on the bottom relate to a dating system. Manufacturing was from 1933 to 1963. Muth bottles should have METAL tops.

To purchase with MC or VISA please call Drury House 802-824-4395 EST.

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Miniature Beer Bottle Salt and Pepper Shakers $16 a set


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