Antique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely RestoredAntique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely Restored

Antique Clock made by the Sessions Clock Co., Forestville Conn. Please Read the Full Description for Valuable Information to help you purchase a good clock. This type of mantel clock known as a Steeple Clock, or in the correct Antique Terminology, Sharp Gothic Clock were the popular clock of the 19 century [1800 to 1900] and still are today. Circa 1910, clock is 15 1/4" X 9 1/2" X 4 1/4" deep. The perfect original dial is 6 1/2" X 8", measuring from minute track to minute track it is 4 1/4" diameter . This clock is 100% Original and Completely Restored. This is the "Copley" Model. We also have the Concord Model with the same 3 Mast Sailing ship on the reverse painted glass.
The Solid Mahogany Wood case retains a strong original finish , the finish is Brown not the Red Mahogany. The case was cleaned and 3 coats of cabinet wax applied. Both wood finials are original and are damage free. The case has a very nice warm rich patina. NO damage, Nothing Broken, Nothing Missing, a few small insignificant blemishes in the case as seen in the photos. Both Top and Bottom reverse painted glass are original to the clock, very nice depiction of a sailing ship on the glass which is in perfect condition. The movement is signed and original to the case as are the pendulum, hands and dial. See the photo of what a properly restored clock movement should look like. The clock is a week duration with Hour and Half hour chiming. The chime is a very deep resonating sound, not tinny like most American clocks. It counts the correct hours at the hour and one chime at the half hour. This is a spectacular looking collectors clock. If you were to purchase one good dependable mantle clock this would be it.

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The Following is the restoration performed
All Brass parts polished to a mirror finish and sealed, just as it was done over 100 years ago. As stated previously, the wood case retains a strong original finish. I am a purest and believe in preserving as much as humanly possible. The Value for Good Antiques is in Originality and Condition. Not Damaged, Broken, comprised of non original parts and overall dirty condition.

The clock movement was completely disassembled and cleaned in an Ultra Sonic cleaner, all pivots were resurfaced and polished on the Watch Makers lathe, 4 new bronze bearings were installed into worn pivot holes. I use the more expensive bronze bushings simply because they are harder and last longer than brass bushings. All bushing work in done by hand not with a drill press or bushing machine. This ensures the bushings are the correct size and are installed perpendicular. Once installed the interior of the bushing is polished with a smoothing broach and the oil sink is hand cut into the front of the new bearing, the back side is cut to remove troublesome burrs. All metal to metal wear was eliminated. The verge was hand stoned and polished with a Sapphire file then trued to the escape wheel. Then the clock is cleaned again in the Ultra Sonic cleaner to remove any metal particles, assembled and lubricated with the finest clock oil. The clock now runs with a very strong pendulum amplitude as it should. I run and test my clocks for 30 days prior to being offered for sale. This is what I do and have done for the last 35 years. As a clock maker, all work is performed to the highest Horological standard.

Basic Information You Should Know!
For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Restoration", this simply means doing the proper repair employing cleaning, waxing and repairing a clock or any other Antique to original condition with out alteration. The more an item is original the more it is worth. The less original the less it is worth. If the wind up clock movement was replaced the actual Antique Value is lost.

It is much faster and easier to refinish a Antique Clock, however it severely decreases the Antique Value. As a hard core purest I would much rather spend a few days restoring an original finish and bring it back to its original patina. Polishing the Brass will not alter the Antique Value of a clock.

Not every one can afford or even appreciate this level of restoration. However, that is no reason to perpetuate the misrepresenting and dishonesty by other clock sellers. There is a perfectly good reason why clock sellers will not show you the clock mechanism. #1 their clock is dirty, badly worn and probably not original to the case. #2 if it is shown it does not look like my clock movements. Saying that a clock is running good does not mean it will or can keep accurate time.

Many of these internet clock sellers claim that they guarantee the clock runs, however when the clock arrives and it does not. When you contact the he simply passes the buck to the shipper that it was damaged in shipping and you the buyer should file a insurance claim. This gets him off the hook for selling a clock that was not in good order to begin with. If not packed properly the shipper will refuse the damage claim, Sound Familiar? My properly restored original Antique Clocks will provide years of uninterrupted service and pleasure. Hope this little tidbit of information aids you in making an intelligent decision on what to buy or NOT. All my clocks come with a correct fitting key, a set of instructions specific to this clock and the best packing in the business. I expect you to take the clock out of the box and have it up and running in a short time.

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Antique American Steeple Clock 100% Original And Completely Restored

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