Coca Cola Bottle Circa 1900-1915Coca Cola Bottle Circa 1900-1915Coca Cola Bottle Circa 1900-1915Coca Cola Bottle Circa 1900-1915

Coca cola Bottle, circa 1900- 1915, round 7 5/8" tall, on the shoulders are two stars, raised five point stars center above embossed block lettering Soda Water, crown top, The base is embossed Minimum Contents 6 Fluid Oz., Property Of Coca Cola Bottling Co., there are two rub marks on the letters PE and in word property, see photo. The base underside reads Claremont Coca Cola Bottling Co. Inc. Claremont indicating the town where the bottles were originally circulated from or were to be returned to for re-bottling. The number 2 is lightly embossed on the base, very faint. Glass is clean and clear. Bottle might have been made by Graham Glass Co. This is an early Coca Cola bottle prior to the hobble skirt bottle design being introduced. 863 is embossed along the base most likely indicting a mold design number. We have a large selection of Coca Cola Advertising items listed for sale.

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Coca Cola Bottle Circa 1900-1915

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