Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875Restored Antique American Wall Clock  Circa 1875

Antique American wall clock by the William L. Gilbert Clock. Co., of Winsted, Conn. 100% original and completely restored. Please read the full description for valuable information. One of 80 Antique Clocks to choose from. Clock is 34 1/2" long, 4 3/4" deep, 10 1/4" wide at the base, 5" diameter dial minute track to minute track, 6 1/4" overall.

Solid walnut case, original finish that was cleaned and 3 coats of cabinet waxed were applied. The case sparkles like the day it was made in 1870 - 1875. Clock has a perfect label on the back. The old finish was over coated with varnish, I spent a better part of a day removing the top coat of Varnish just to get down to the old original finish. There is one shrinkage crack on the front that has been filled. This was a great deal of extra work just to save the old finish and would have been mush easier to strip and refinish the case. But just like old Classic Cars, "they are only original once".

The signed and dated Jan. 11 1870 movement has been completely rebuilt. The movement was disassembled, Ultrasonically cleaned, All pivots were resurfaced and polished on the lathe, 8 new bronze bushings were installed into worn pivot holes, the escapement was restored then trued. The clock runs accurately for 7 days and chimes at the hour, the correct number of hours. The original Geneva stops or over-wind protectors are in place and functioning correctly. Usually these are removed by inexperienced clock Bodgers. They don't have a clue how they are supposed to function. The clock has been tested for 30 days prior being offered for sale. The accuracy level is within 3 minutes a week. The pendulum amplitude is 5 1/4". This was accomplished by proper restoration not by installing main springs that are too strong for the design of this clock. This amateur technique is to accommodate for the excessive wear and will only result in extensive damage.

The Original regulator pendulum along with the beautiful glass which is held in by old putty are original to the clock. All four finials are original. The bottom one has a small chip out of the tip. Clock retains the original dated dial pan, the dial was restored years ago and done very well. This is a very difficult clock to find, verging on rare. Not many were made and even less survived 135 years. Clock comes with original key marked Wm. L. Gilbert C. Co. This is the Pendant Model. See photos.

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A SIDE NOTE: To assist you in purchasing a good Antique Clock.The value of a Antique Clock is directly attributed to RESTORED CONDITION & ORIGINALITY Saying the restoration work was performed and actually performing the restoration work by a knowledgeable clockmaker are two different issues.The vast percentage of old clocks have a great deal of wear and should be completely disassembled for cleaning. This is the only way one can inspect for wear and then eliminate all the friction created by the wear.The latest is the clock was "Professionally Cleaned", this means absolutely nothing. Simply dumping the clock movement into a can of Carburetor cleaner to wash off the dirt will not eliminate years of wear. Yes the clock may run for a few months with a healthy dose of WD-40. This is not proper clock servicing. If the movement in not original to the case, known as a Marriage, it can not be assigned any Antique Value. The only value that can be assigned is for the sum of the parts for this "Un-Holy Marriage".

Questions you need to ask these on-line Bodgers, is the clock or watch movement original to the case, what has been replaced and has the clock movement been properly restored and get this information in writing. When the terms such as "Good Running Order", "Running", "Runs Great" generally means the clock is not keeping time and probably will not, this also means it has not been properly restored. Therefore you will need to spend several hundred dollars to have the clock put right.These few tips will save you some serious problems and money.

I am a clock maker with 35+ years experience and sell only 100% Legitimate Antique Clocks in Mint to Excellent Restored condition. We offer some very nice decorative antique clocks with quartz movements. These few pieces are exceptional looking even though the clock movements could not be restored.

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Restored Antique American Wall Clock Circa 1875

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