Advertising Whiskey or Liquor BottleAdvertising Whiskey or Liquor Bottle

Whiskey bottles, $10 each, eight different liquor bottles to choose from, five are emerald green, and three are clear glass bottles. Four emerald green are 12" tall, 3 3/8" diameter at the base, deep cup on the underside at the bottom, have applied ring at the top, colorful applied paper labels, NO damage and all were bottled by the American Liquor Co., Boston, Mass. Bottles are Illinois Rye Old Rock Brand Straight Whiskey, Mohawk Valley Whiskey, Rainbow Straight Rye Whiskey, American Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Squatty emerald green bottle 9 3/4" tall is Royal Crest Brand Bourbon Whiskey, with ring at the top of elongated neck, 3 1/2" diameter at the base, NO damage, bottle made by Illinois Glass Co.
Clear bottles are Walnut Hill Rye Whiskey, with raised diamond pattern design on four sides, molded clear clean glass, NO damage, 7 1/2" tall, ribbed square shoulders, 2 1/4" square base, label panel on the front, colorful lithograph label. 10" ta'', 2 3/4" square at the bottom, Royal Crest Brand Whiskey 80 Proof, and Rainbow Straight Rye Whiskey, 90 Proof 11 /12" tall, 3 1/4" diameter bottle.
Your choice $10 each.. Let us know which label brand

At the Drury House Antique Store We offer over 100 Antique and Collectible soda bottles, Pop Bottles, beer bottles, Whiskey Bottles, alcohol bottles, Pharmacy, Drugstore bottles? We acquired boxes and boxes of old bottles from the basement of an old country store and an old Pharmacy. These were In storage for over 70 years and there was a wide assortment of soda, beer, Whiskey, pharmacy, drugstore, and old empty liquor bottles. Some had labels on them, many labels had fallen off and were in the bottom of the box. We have cleaned the bottles and tried to affix labels to the right bottle. Surprisingly the labels are in very good condition.. We have finally come to the last few boxes and placed all the remaining bottles on Sale. We can combine insured shipping for multiple purchase orders when ever possible to save you even more money.

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Advertising Whiskey or Liquor Bottle

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