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Unopened Pharmacy hair product, original contents unopened Canthrox package. Canthrox was sold by H. S. Peterson and Company of Chicago, Ill., from 1909 until the mid-1930s. The product was marketed to prevent dandruff, falling hair, and graying. Canthrox was always packaged in a tin box with wrap around paper label including instructions for use on the backside. This tin is original condition with contents, never opened. 3 1/4" tall, 2 1/4" by 1 3/8", metal lid is embossed H. S. Peterson Co. Chicago. In 1911 a tin of Canthrox, good for fifteen shampoos, cost fifty cents. It was advertised as a "pleasure and a delight," and would clean your hair "Completely, thoroughly and satisfactorily-yet easily and gently."

The company claimed that hair shampooed with Canthrax would dry more quickly and streak-free. In the mid-to-late 1920s, this quick-drying quality was used to appeal to women with the new short haircuts, or "bobs." Canthrox would "Make the bob more becoming." Advertisements often appeared in newspaper 'amusement' sections alongside news of the latest movies and plays and the celebrities who had helped popularize the bobbed style.
Advertisements featured beautiful women, flowing hair, and in general graphics were dramatic and appealing. However, their packaging of the actual product in contrast was very generic. We have two packages for sale; one with original wax paper wrapping over paper label. We have shrink wrapped the other one. See photos. See group photo of other hair items we have listed for sale.


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Unopened Canthrox Hair Shampoo Pharmacy Advertising Hair Product

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