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SOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall ClockSOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall ClockSOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall ClockSOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall ClockSOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall ClockSOLD    See others on SALE    Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall Clock

Standard Electric Time Co. clock from Springfield, Mass. The Industrial Slave Clock case of solid alloy was hand polished and sealed with lacquer. Case is 14" diameter, 2" deep, with a 11 3/4" diameter original near mint dial. Clock is a nice size with unusual shallow case that fits flush to the wall. Clock has a sturdy wall hanger on the back. This is a quality made clock, weighs 5 pounds before packing. The clock case is in near mint condition, less an insignificant dent on the outside edge at 1:30 and at the bottom at 6:00.
This is one of four different versions of industrial Slave clocks we have listed. They were properly referred to as slave clocks not because they were owned by a human slave but rather because impulses were sent out every minute from a large Master clock to multiple Slave clocks in a series connections. These clocks were found in most schools, Rail Roads, factories, banks, and in other industrial buildings. They were not capable of running and keeping time on their own. The clock is now fitted with any alterations to the case or dial with a new Seiko high torque movement. It will keep time within seconds a month and operates on s single battery for one year. NO negatives, No damage, a very attractive and reliable antique wall c lock. See photos. Over 80 Antique Clocks to choose from. Best shipping rate will be FEDEX

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"The Following is the restoration performed"

The Value for Good Antiques is in Originality and Condition. Not Damaged, Broken, or comprised of non-original parts and overall dirty condition. The value in industrial Slave Clocks is the condition of the dial and that the dial is original to the case it is in. There are too many new paper dials being placed in clocks that were never industrial clocks. Once this has occurred 90% of the established value is lost. This is fact not an opinion. The Alloy case was hand polished and sealed.

Basic Information You Should Know! For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Restoration", this simply means cleaning, waxing and repairing a clock or any other Antique to original condition without alteration. The more an item is original the more it is worth. The less original the less it is worth.

Not everyone can afford or even appreciate this level of restoration. However, that is no reason to perpetuate the misrepresenting and dishonesty by other clock sellers. There is a perfectly good reason why clock sellers will not show you the clock mechanism. #1 their clock is dirty, badly worn and probably not original to the case. #2 if it is shown it does not look like my clock movements. Saying that a clock is running good does not mean it will keep accurate time.

Many internet clock sellers claim that they guarantee the clock runs, however when the clock arrives and it does not. When the seller is contacted he simply passes the buck to the shipper that it was damaged in shipping and you the buyer should file a insurance claim. This gets him off the hook for selling a clock that was not in good order to begin with. If not packed properly the shipper will refuse the damage claim, Sound Familiar? My properly restored original Antique Clocks will provide years of uninterrupted service and pleasure. Hope this little tidbit of information aids you in making an intelligent decision on what to buy or NOT.

All of my clocks come with a correct fitting key, a set of instructions specific to this clock and the best packing in the business. I expect you to take the clock out of the box and have it up and running in a short time. Over 80 restored Antique Clocks to choose from, to see them all go to any Drury House item and type in CLOCK into the search box.

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SOLD See others on SALE Round Standard Electric Industrial Wall Clock


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