Vintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with JewelsVintage D&G Baguette Bag with Jewels

Now I know why I tend to stay away from trendy designer bags that can be "knocked off" creating fake reproductions I just spent considerable time trying to ascertain whether this D&G bag is genuine or fake. And I still can't say for sure what it is! I did learn a lot about this brand. Dolce and Gabbana is the top tier label of this brand and D&G is the second tier although both are made by the same designers within the brand. There are differences between the two both in quality and for identification purposes. The D&G label products are manufactured with slightly less quality than the Dolce & Gabbana products and only the D&G brand has a hologram sticker inside. The bag being offered has many of the characteristics of a genuine D&G bag although, there are other issues which produce doubt in my mind. Therefore, I am pricing this bag as a lovely evening purse, unknown maker. The bag is long in width and resembles a baguette style. It has a "T" shaped over flap. It is covered with a floral black fabric that has stylized and abstract flowers. The flowers seem to be quickly and simply brushed onto the black background creating an unusual palette. The colors are shades of dusty blue, lilac, orange, red and green. There is movement in the manner in which the flowers are depicted. There is patent leather trim along most edges of the bag on the back and on the over flap. The front has thin patent trim. The bottom section of the "T" flap lifts and it is here that a snap secures the bag shut. There is a large oval accent affixed with open work and three concentric rings of clear round rhinestones, small metal squares and amber colored glass stones. This ornamentation provides focus and glitz to the bag. It is very effective against the black background. The carry strap is unusual. It has a "edge" to it. It is double patent leather strips that attach to double brass chains. They connect to the bag with a large brass ring. The drop is 15". The inside is lined with a gold fabric. There is a zippered pocket and a black and white sewn in label stating "D&G DOLCE&GABBANA (The label is accurate). There also is a hologram inside which appears legit and a another cloth label. There is a few indications of use and age. The bag measures 9 1/2"w x 5"h x 1". The bag is in great condition. There is an area where the fabric is slightly raised and not completely taut especially on the top of the "T" section. Is this a case of the slightly less quality of this second tier product or is it something else? As I said, I don't know. This doesn’t really effect the appearance of the bag. The bag remains a very pretty bag that can be dressed up or down and has a lot of elements that come together to produce a pleasing and practical handbag. And don't forget those chains! Condition: Excellent- VINTAGE Condition


Vintage D&G Baguette Bag with Jewels


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