Lowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Hedera

From: Beautiful Leaved Plants

By: E. J. Lowe (Edward)


6 x 9 ¾


Original Chromolithograph print.

Slight paper toning. A nice cream shade. A touch of water mark on the bottom left-hand side. Can be covered by a mat.

A lovely full scale composition.

Note the binding parks on the right-hand side of the page that denotes careful removal from the text.

Very Good Condition. Sharp Image. Beautiful Variegated Green!

Would make a lovely grouping!

Chromolithography is a method for making multi-color prints. This type of color printing stems from the lithography process.


Beautiful Variegated Greens!

Lowe Beautiful Leaved Plants Botanical Print- Hedera

$45 USD

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