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Here is a Harmony Kingdom Limited Edition from the Clair de Lune Series that was released in June 2000. There were two versions made of this box figurine; this one is called "Kiki & Cat". Each figure in this series has a back story, and Kiki's story is that she ran away to Paris at the age of 13, and found work as an artist's model. She speaks no English, but her warm nature transcends language and she is well liked by everyone. Her greatest achievement is her colorful painting style that gave her a sell-out show.

This box figurine features Kiki in her best dress reclining on a tufted sofa, with her cat resting above her. Remove the top of the sofa, and you will find supplies for preparing a party ... there are all kinds of fruit, cheese, and wine bottles. This figure was retired in 2001.

The Clair de Lune Series features a collection of voluptuous women and well-coifed cats by master carver Julie Bharucha. Each detailed sculpture opens to reveal a hidden compartment containing vignettes appropriate to 1920's Paris. There are two versions of each figure: one is shown with a cat, and the other is a more adult theme with a madame in her boudoir. Crafted with crushed marble, then hand painted and tinted, each Box Figurine in this series is unique. Each is individually numbered and signed with the initials of Martin Perry, the owner of Harmony Kingdom. The bottom is hand numbered, and this one is #2512 out of 3600.

"Kiki & Cat" is in new condition, and will come in the original box, with a brochure about the series.

SIZE: 5 inches x 3 inches x 3 inches high
#CLLECS - Kiki & Cat

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Item id: RL-2038
Origin: England • English
Purpose: Boxes, Figurines
Item type: Vintage

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Harmony Kingdom Kiki and Cat Clair de Lune Series Limited

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