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Carved by Harmony Kingdom artist, Peter Calvesbert, this humorous Treasure Jest is called "Pen Pals", and it features three happy pigs in a pen. The larger pig is white with the two light brown ones on either side. This box is a bit larger than some of the other carvings from Harmony Kingdom. Carved in 1991, this is a very early creation by Peter and does not have hallmarks, but the crown mark is shown on the lid underside of the white pig. Peter's signature mouse is shown on the gate, and there are no secret carvings on the inside; it is smooth and clear. This design was retired in 2000.

Before Harmony Kingdom became the business it is today, founder Martin Perry was making the netsuke-style boxes under the business name of Antiquark. In 1990, he had hired another company to finish and market the boxes. This company would mark "SAC" on the pieces to identify their company. Antiquark began to market and finish the boxes themselves during the early 1990s, and by 1995 the SAC company was no longer working with Mr. Perry. About that time Harmony Kingdom was started with Noel Wiggins and Lisa Yashon. Some boxes with the "SAC" engraving survived. This early box figurine has a remnant of the "SAC" on the base between the legs of one of the light brown pigs. The area is light and mainly the "C" remains.

Harmony Kingdom boxes are hand crafted, using marble resin, from original carvings. Then each is hand painted and tinted for a one-of-a-kind figurine. The boxes are hand painted by citizens of the rural English countryside of the South Cotswolds. There are differences in colorations on each piece.

This Treasure Jest is in perfect condition, from the inventory of a closed store, and it will come in the Harmony Kingdom green box with brochure. This popular collectible is referenced in "The Harmony Kingdom Reference Guide" by Leanna Barron (2002). This box figurine is so cute, and the expressions on the pigs' faces have such personality. If you collect pig things, this would be a great addition to a collection.

SIZE: 3 inches high & 4 inches wide
"Pen Pals" - #TJLPI

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Item id: RL-1890
Color: Beige, White
Origin: England • English
Purpose: Boxes, Figurines
Item type: Vintage

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Harmony Kingdom Pen Pals Pigs Treasure Jest Box Figurine

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