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This Harmony Kingdom box figurine is called "Joyeaux" and features a girl angel drying off after her bath, and sitting in a large wicker chair. Her teddy bear is resting at her feet, and two cats are keeping watch. It's Christmas Eve and little Joyeaux is getting ready for bedtime. There is a companion piece called "Noel" that features Joyeaux's little brother. Carved by David Lawrence, this Treasure Jest is the 1999 Holiday Limited Edition Angel from the Angelique Series.

This is a Version One box and inside is a favorite doll that had been lost. Later versions had a different carving inside. The various hallmarks are found along the side and back of the chair, and includes a "1" for version one. This is one of the more colorful angels in the series. The sculpture and details on this box figurine are remarkable.

Harmony Kingdom boxes are hand crafted, using marble resin, from original carvings. Then each is hand painted and tinted for a one-of-a-kind figurine. There are differences in colorations on each piece.

This "Joyeaux" is in perfect condition, from the inventory of a closed store, and it will come in the original Harmony Kingdom Angelique navy box with certificate & information card. This popular collectible is referenced in "The Harmony Kingdom Reference Guide" by Leanna Barron (2002), page 147.

SIZE: 3.5 inches high x 3 inches wide
Harmony Kingdom - #ANSE99C

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Item id: RL-1822
Color: Green, Red, White
Purpose: Boxes, Figurines
Item type: Vintage

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Harmony Kingdom Joyeaux Girl Angel Treasure Jest Angelique

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