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Carved by Harmony Kingdom artist, Peter Calvesbert, "The Mouse That Roared" features a larger than life version of Peter's signature mouse. This box was offered exclusively (for a short time) to members of independent, authorized Harmony Kingdom clubs. The "Jr" medallion around the mouse's neck pays tribute to these "junior" clubs.

The mouse cups a miniature elephant in his paws, signifying the might of the independent clubs. Inside the box is a mouse trap.

The hallmarks are on the base, and include the copyright mark, a heart, the HBC logo, the edition #, & Pc (for Peter Calvesbert). This box has a number "1" for first edition.

The label on the bottom of the box shows it was made in England. This box figurine was released in July 1999 and was retired within a few months.

Harmony Kingdom boxes are hand crafted, using marble resin, from original carvings. Then each is hand painted and tinted for a one-of-a-kind figurine. The boxes are hand painted by citizens of the rural English countryside of the South Cotswolds.  There are differences in colorations on each piece.

This Treasure Jest is in perfect condition, from the inventory of a closed store, and it will come in the original Harmony Kingdom green box with brochure. This popular collectible is referenced in "The Harmony Kingdom Reference Guide" by Leanna Barron (2002).

SIZE: 3 inches high and 1.75 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep

"The Mouse That Roared" - #RWMO

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Harmony Kingdom Mouse That Roared Treasure Jest Collectors Club

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