Das Buch Fur Alle, The book for all, is a very accurate description of this marvelous scrap book or book of clippings.
The book is in German and dates around the 1850’s. Some clippings indicate dates prior and after that date. It’s a wonderful window of life in Germany during that era. Clippings include political satire, clippings depicting historical events, men and women’s fashion, women’s hair styles, men’s mustaches, guns, cannons, shoes, tops of canes or walking sticks, horse bits, horse feed bags, military figures, furniture, hand drawn sketches, a portrait clipping of U. S. Grant, German and French celebrities and so much more. It’s a time capsule of everyday life in Germany during this time period. This German scrap or clipping book differs from most Victorian scrap books because it does not focus on a family, but more on what was happening in Germany during that time period.
The clippings are pasted on an old German ledger. The pages are loose from the back binding. Most pages are in good condition considering its age. The book weighs almost 8 pounds and measures 15” by 10” with a width of 3”. The ledger has 125 pages with clippings on the front and back of each page.
Some clippings are colored with vivid bright colors. The book is fascinating even if you do not read German. The book is hard to put down. Just ask me, I have spent hours looking at it.
If you are looking for a typical Victorian scrapbook keep on looking. The book contains no die cuts, trade cards, or calling cards. This book is a very unique find. The person who composed this book is not indicated in the book. The book was aptly named…..The Book for All, Das Buch fur Alle.

I wish I had more room to add more of the book's clippings!


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1850's Unique German Scrap or Clippings 125 Page Book

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