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Four very fine crystal dinner bells. One is in the form of a crystal Christmas tree with highlighted branches and two are made from wine with gold bands and the other is an emerald green Hock wine with a bolt stem. Unfortunately there is a very small chip on the very top of the stem which greatly reduces it's value. The same wine glass resales on Replacements for $140. So this one has greatly been reduced but I have included it anyway because it is so, pretty, unique and hard to find. Information on them is as follows:

# 6 3 1/2" tall., Mikasa, Slovenia, clear crystal.

# 7 7 3/4" tall. Clear crystal with gold bands. I could not find the maker of this one. Has 1979 inside with what looks like a 3 over an m.

#9 5 3/4" tall. Mikasa Christmas tree with frosted branches.

No. # Emerald Green 8 1/4" tall. this one has a chip on the top of the stem. I took a picture of it, small so look closely.

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Crystal Bells Collectors Editions

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