The Remarkable Rose Percy - Duty's Most Faithful Child (2nd Edition)The Remarkable Rose Percy - Duty's Most Faithful Child (2nd Edition)

The Remarkable Rose Percy - Duty's Most Faithful Child (2nd Edition)
by Michael Canadas and David Robinson

Born in England in the year 1861 and shortly thereafter imported to America, Miss Rose Percy is arguably the most important doll in American history. Her remarkable story began when the young students of the finest finishing school in New York City decided to do their part for the upcoming Metropolitan Sanitary Fair. Held in 1864, the fair would raise funds to aid those suffering from the ravages of the Civil War. Rose, accompanied by a magnificent trousseau that was created by the girls, became their charitable contribution to that worthwhile cause.

At the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair, Rose Percy was first purchased outright, and then donated back to the Sanitary Commission to be raffled, raising an incredible $1200 in one day. Rose would change hands a few more times, doing her charitable works along the way, and in 1920, she became a permanent goodwill ambassador at the American Red Cross Museum in Washington D.C., where she greeted visitors from around the world.

Today finds Rose Percy once again in private hands, with the wish that she should resume doing what she has proven she does best, and that is active fundraising for those who are in need.

Rose Percy has thus far lived her life by the motto “I SERVE.” Like a good patriot, if called upon, Rose Percy will once again be there to help the country she has served proudly for over 150 years.

Through this newly expanded 2nd edition 132-page work, you can learn the fascinating details of Rose Percy’s life, plus discover the impact that her good work has made on those around her.

Hard cover book measures: 9" x 9" - many spectacular full-page color plates

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The Remarkable Rose Percy - Duty's Most Faithful Child (2nd Edition)

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