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1958 Doll Auction Catalog From PA Auctioneer Wm Morley - image 1 of 3

One thousand dolls sold at auction in 1958 assembled from the collection of Lida C. Benn sold by Wm D Morley, Inc Auctioneers Philadelphia, PA. Including: Antique foreign dolls, ( rare French, English, German bisque, wax, papier mace, etc. and modern American dolls (some very interesting examples!) Prices have been written by hand along with notes in the margins. The book belonged to Frances ( possibly Frances Walker). No photos, but interesting information with prices realized in 1958, an early period in doll collecting. Fun to read the doll price trends from that time!


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1958 Doll Auction Catalog From PA Auctioneer Wm Morley


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