1845 EPC Norham Presbyterian Church Communion Token, Northumberland UK1845 EPC Norham Presbyterian Church Communion Token, Northumberland UK

#RL057: 1845 English Presbyterian Church Token, Norham, Northumberland UK

This is an original old 1840's English religious Presbyterian Church Communion Token for Norham. The Presbyterian Meeting House was built there in 1753 by nonconformists. In English church history, this term refers to Protestants who did not "conform" to the already established religious governance of the Church of England.

Norham is a village and parish in Northumberland, England. It sits on the River Tweed on the border of Scotland. In 1845, a Presbyterian Church of England congregation was started in Norham and the two original congregations were not reunited again until 1898.

These tokens can be found made of lead, pewter, copper and brass, and in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Tokens were issued to church members to provide entrance to the Lord's Supper. Historically they became replaced with the use of communion cards.

This token is made has rectangular corners. The front reads, in raised cast moulded lettering "E.P.C. NORHAM". On the reverse the text is on four lines: "LET A MAN EXAMINE HIMSELF 1. COR. XI. 29." A wonderful early old religion related token found in West Yorkshire, England.

Size: 1.25 x .75 inches, note coin size

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1845 EPC Norham Presbyterian Church Communion Token, Northumberland UK


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