This wonderful little piece of history is not huge, but the Gorham craftsmanship and aesthetics of design are apparent. I am showing you a close-up of the marks, with the design number, D907, on the left. Next to that is the 3-part Gorham mark: the lion passant, the anchor, and the Gothic letter “G.” These marks appear on the back of the bottle at the very bottom. They are in shadow in my third image, but I am pointing to their location.

This bottle is in excellent condition, with a very clear interior. You can see this when looking at my fourth (composite) image. The glass is not pristine, as you would see on a new, unused bottle, but it is pretty darn close. You can clearly see the number “41” etched into the bottom.

I am showing the stopper to you in that same image. As you can see, it has some tiny chips on its flat end. I am also showing you what is etched onto the side of the stopper stalk. It looks like a sickle, or the right half of an elongated uppercase letter “R.” Whatever it is, it is not a “41,” which would indicate that it was the original matching stopper to the bottle, and which would have been ground to fit in THIS bottle’s neck.

Although the stopper is not original, it is the right design. This is something I have seen on many occasions, and it usually happens because the original owner had two identical bottles sitting on her vanity, and in the course of repeated packing and moving and perhaps passing from one heir to another over the years, the stoppers get interchanged.

This “married” components situation is totally irrelevant if the bottle is going to be on display and not used for perfume. I believe, however, even if its new owner did want to use it for perfume, the fit is close enough to protect against evaporation; there is only the slightest wobble in the neck. The marriage between the bottle and this stopper is not at all apparent when you look at the bottle with stopper inserted.

I got sidetracked by the stopper issue, which, as I say, is really a non-issue, but I want to be complete. I want to tell you about the rest of the bottle. In addition to having clean glass, all the silver is there, and it is firmly attached, with no missing or lifted areas. I have determined this both visually and by feel. I did not detect any sharp edges when I rubbed my palm over the bottle. I always use this tactile investigation to back up my visual inspection.

In addition to the attachment of the silver to the glass, the chasing is strong, which is reflected both in the repeating flower design surrounding the bottle and in the monogram on the cartouche. That does not mean that I am able to decipher what the three ornate letters are. ;-) My best guess is “GAC,” but you may see something different. You can see that the Gorham marks are deep and clear as well.

Finally, and this is something that all collectors of these bottles worry about (and often comes as an unpleasant surprise when they are bought from an online source), there are NO CRACKS in the neck of the bottle, nor anywhere else for that matter!

The bottle measures 4 3/8 inches high with the stopper inserted, and it about 2 1/8 inches wide across the widest part of the bottom. I can’t think of anything else to tell you, but please write if you have a question. And yes, I have removed the last bit of tarnish on the stopper. ;-)

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Antique (Before 1910) Gorham Sterling Silver Overlay (Very) Clear Glass Perfume Bottle


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