Selling German-made silver overlay porcelain items is often frustrating for me, since I like to provide my customers (of whatever I am selling, not just porcelain) with useful information, both to educate them and to persuade them to buy. ;-) My frustration stems from my inability, as I am researching my item, to find another, similar, item with the EXACT mark as the mark on the item I am offering for sale. Authoritative (or seemingly so) histories of various German porcelain manufacturing families and factories abound on the Internet and in books. Check out what I have said about the Johann Haviland cup and saucer in my shop, or, very recently, the Fürstenberg (Furstenberg) vase. With the latter, I have an “F” looking for something more, and with this vase, I have a “CM” in a shield below a crown, also looking for something—either a date or a geographical location, or both.

I have learned that the “CM” on my vase were the initials of Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther who started his porcelain manufactory in Hohenberg Germany in 1814, and this factory was the forerunner of numerous firms, with different family names and different locations, that followed in later years. To make it even more confusing, there was a parallel line of factories, started in 1857, by his son Lorenz, in Selb, Bavaria. These two Hutschenreuther lines united in 1969 as Hutschenreuther AG, also located in Selb.

Based on the artwork of the design, and the fact that the silver content is identified only as “1000” on the front of the vase on the bottom band of silver, I don’t feel more comfortable than to say that I believe this vase is “Mid 20th century.” Of course, that “1000” is the numerator of what often appears as a fraction, with “1000” in the denominator too. However, I believe there was never more stamped onto the vase than what you see now (with my help) in the left half of the second composite image.

I am not as well versed in the few silver firms that did overlay in Midcentury Germany as I am with those that did the same in the USA several decades earlier, so I will not drop any names. If you collect this kind of item, you may recognize the silver work of a specific company, and anything you can tell me either about the silver—or the porcelain—would be much appreciated.

The silver design is simple, basically, just a flower and leaves on two panels, alternating with open space. I am showing you all sides of the vase, and you can see the very slight differences in the design. That was kind of tricky for me to keep track of as I was reviewing which of my numerous images of each side I wanted to use. I did not want to mistakenly show you the same side twice!

My images are big and my lighting is bright, so tiny imperfections in the silver sometimes show as HUGE flaws. To be sure, the silver has little scratches and dents, but these would not be noticed when you have the vase on view in your vitrine or display area. To appreciate this, note the dimensions I give below. The important thing to know is that silver is all there and firmly attached to the porcelain.

I believe I rendered the color of the vase well (and I know that the images are not EXACTLY the same in color, but they are close)! I don’t know what you see on your monitor, but I would call the color “Granny Smith Apple Green.”

The vase is 3 inches tall, with a top diameter of 1 3/4 inches (and approximately the same across the shoulders), and a base diameter of 1 1/8 inches.

I can’t think of anything else you’d want to know, but please write if you have a question—or, as I said, if you have information to share.

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Mid 20th Century Granny Smith Apple Green Cabinet Vase Made in Germany Hutschenreuther Porcelain Sterling Silver Overlay


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