There are two main aspects to this bottle’s appeal. First is the wonderful silver overlay, both the overall design, with just the right balance of silver to glass, and the chasing in each of the individual swirls of thick silver. The other wonderful feature of the bottle is its gorgeous and rare teal color—not quite as rare as cobalt blue to find on these bottles, but much rarer than the ordinary green glass you more typically see, for example my green Gorham perfume bottle or my green La Pierre decanter.

Of course, green color is nothing to sneeze at when it comes to silver overlay items. Silver overlay objects made from green glass are rarer and typically far more expensive than similar items made of clear glass. But the blue/green color of this bottle is really special. By the way, although the glass is not pristinely clean, it has only a few tiny specks of residue remaining after my thorough cleaning—and NO mineral deposits. The glass is clean and clear enough to display the bottle with light shining through it, so you can really appreciate the beautiful color.

The silver work was done by Alvin, which is evidenced by the shield on the back bottom of the bottle. You get more than one view of that, but the biggest and clearest is shown in the right half of my fifth composite image. The writing is somewhat worn, but you can make out most of it—except the “G” part of the design number, “G70.” That letter looks more than worn; rather it seems to have not been properly stamped in the first place. I have this bottle in my collection, so I looked at it to determine what was stamped ahead of the “70.” As you can see, above the design number is the word “PATENTED,” and on the bottom of the shield from left to right it has the silver content, 999/1000 (greater than sterling), followed by “FINE,” and then the tripartite Alvin marks, with the capital “A” in the middle.

The other, not particularly decipherable, ;-) writing on the bottle is the three-letter monogram engraved in the cartouche. The reason the letters are hard to read is not because they are worn; rather the ornate calligraphy is difficult to decipher. They could be “FIC,” but you are free to supply your own interpretation.

The bottle is in very good condition—I already mentioned the interior of the glass. There are little dings and dents in the silver, but nothing is missing or lifted.

The worst thing I can think of to mention is the tiny chips off the flat end of the stopper, as you can see in the left half of my fifth image. But note, the missing glass is not sufficient to have removed the “99” that has been etched into the end, which, as you can see in that same image, and also in my hand, matches the “99” on the bottom of the bottle.

That’s it as far as damage. The silver is all there and firmly attached to the glass, which has no cracks. In particular, there are no cracks in the neck!

Finally, I will tell you the dimensions of this wonderful piece of history. With stopper inserted, the bottle is 4 1/2 inches high. It is about 2 1/2 inches across the shoulders, and the base is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.

I can’t think of anything else to tell you, but please write if you have any questions. You don’t see this color silver overlay perfume bottles very often, and you should seriously consider enhancing your collection with it.

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Perfume Bottles

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Antique Alvin Sterling Silver Overlay Perfume Bottle Rare Teal Blue/Green Colored Glass

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