Here is another wonderful Alvin silver overlay perfume bottle and still another one made from a Steuben blank! The Steuben shape number is 1006. This brings to 13 the total number of Alvin items in my shop (10 perfumes, two liquor flasks, and one vase). Of course, some of them are spoken for, but you still have a chance to see the variety of different items that bear that famous tripartite mark.

I have very little to tell you about the bottle in terms of its condition, which is pretty close to perfect—and I know saying that about an item that could be well over a century old takes "chutzpah." ; -) The worst thing I can think of to mention is that the marks (on the lowest ring of silver at the back) are somewhat worn. However, the most noticeable thing is not the wear, but that the tripartite Alvin mark was double struck and is not clear. Of course, to anyone who knows Alvin, the mark is sufficient to identify it. And that small imperfection was done in the making, not caused by user handling. Other than that, the silver has the minuscule nicks and dings you might expect, but that indication of user handling is very slight and may actually be, at least in part, something that happened at the factory.

Since I have mentioned the silver marks, I should tell you what they say, although I know you can read them from my picture. The leftmost mark is the design number, “3115,” which is followed by a hyphen and the number “8.” I can’t recall having seen an Alvin mark like that, which suggests that there were (at least eight) slight variations of the design. Next to the design number(s), it says “999/1000 FINE,” with the middle “9” all but worn away. The silver on this bottle, as is usually the case for this kind of item, is almost pure, while sterling silver is “only” 925 parts out of 1000. At the very right of all the numbers is the Alvin mark, which looks about as clear in my picture as it does to my naked eye using a loupe.

Again, talking about marks, there are marks on the glass as well. There are acid-etched marks on each piece. Of course, you can see that the bottle and stopper have matching silver designs. I am showing that in my last image. But more than having matching designs, this bottle and this stopper are mates; the stopper was ground to this particular neck’s specifications. Telling you that is the acid-etched “305” on each piece, with the addition of what appears to be the letter “c” above the number on the base of the bottle. I don’t know what the “c” signifies.

I have already said that this bottle is near perfect, so it should go without saying that that it has no chips, cracks, or lifted silver. I just wanted to make that as an affirmative statement for any skeptics among you, and, as to the neck, the part of a bottle like this most subject to cracking, you can see for yourself in my next to last image that the neck is just fine. Also, and a lot more than “just fine,” is the absence of any residue or mineral deposits in the glass. Finally, another indication that this bottle looks almost new, is the fact that there is no engraving on the cartouche.

Although I thought I had done a thorough job of polishing it, my large pictures reveal that I left some tarnish behind. :-( That may be the worst thing I am pointing out to you in terms of any signs of use or handling.

The only things left to tell you are the dimensions of the bottle. With stopper inserted, it is 3 1/2 inches high. Across its widest part, measured from just under the cartouche, the bottle is 2 3/4 inches, and it is 1 inch across the base.

If you collect silver overlay, you will be delighted with this perfume, and that goes too, if your collecting interest is Steuben. If it is destined as a gift for that special someone, she (or he!) will be overjoyed with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

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Antique Alvin CLEAR Glass Sterling Silver Overlay Perfume Bottle Steuben Shape 1006 Looks Almost New

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