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Such a pretty ring! This is a vintage, sterling silver ring sent with faceted stones. The gemstones include a deep purple amethyst and white topaz. The stones are a nice size and glittering with their faceting! Tiny stone surround the larger stones. Everything is prong set. The back of the band is open to let in more light. The setting raised the stones up from your finger and lets the light into the open gallery sides of the band. This piece comes from Thailand. I love Thai jewelry as they always have so much detail. Great piece to add to your collection!

Condition: Very good vintage condition, vintage patina
Measurements: 0.43" or 10.95 mm wide top of ring
Markings: 925 Thai
Weight: 3.6 grams
Size: 7 1/2
Stones tested as stated.

Please examine enlarged photos for details. Much more beautiful in real life.

I lightly polish my vintage jewelry and silver as some people like the aged patina. I am not an expert on vintage jewelry, but I do buy and sell what I love! Since these items are vintage, they may have a wonderful aged patina and are not meant or expected to look brand new. I treasure their imperfections as part of their charm and history.

Properties: Amethyst quartz crystal is found in many regions of the world. It is found in Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Uruguay, Africa, Europe and the United States. Amethyst is a variety of quartz occurring in crystal form. It ranges in shades of purple from pale lavender to a deep intense purple. The coloring is caused by manganese. Iron content determines the color intensity, It can also range from transparent to translucent.

History: It is the birthstone for February. There myths which attribute certain powers to the stone. The name amethyst is from the Ancient Greek words a- (not) and methustos (intoxicated). The Greeks and Romans would make mugs from an amethyst cluster with the belief that it would prevent them from becoming drunk. Another legend is that it would protect the wearer from harm, but only if they showed bravery so it became a popular stone for soldiers. In ancient times it was associated with the Hebrew religion as a symbol of the Spirit of God. During the Renaissance the meaning changed to humility and modesty.

Healing properties: Some believe that it is a calming stone and that the healing properties are of the blood and breathing. Amethyst cleanses the blood, helping substance abuse and fevers and the calming effect helps breathing.

Clear, Purple, Silver
Amethyst, Topaz
Sterling Silver, Stone


Amethyst Ring, Topaz Ring, Sterling Silver, Vintage Ring, Size 7 1/2, Purple Ring, Thailand


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