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We are very excited to present this beautiful antique bronze-clad spelter figurine and cast-iron vase.

We've had this in our brick and mortar shop for several years because we couldn't bear to part with it. But, it belongs in a home that will treasure it as much as we do.

Please note that the statue exhibits some considerable wear, but remains an exceptional example of Art Nouveau decorative art.

As you can see, the female figure stands with one arm extended while the fish-tail hem of her dress gathers in an array of swirled pleats, almost as though she is mid-twirl.

The dance-like stance allows the viewer to fully appreciate both the female figure's body and beautifully defined dress in great detail.

As you can see, the figure's dress is very representative of late 19th to early 20th century fashion.

It features a low waist with a gathered bodice and sensually thin straps. The skirt features dozens of tiny "organ" pleats and culminates in a puddling fish-tail skirt.

The hem of the skirt acts as a sturdy base for the figure as a whole.

Little details like a brooch above the waist and ruched ruffles on the neckline add a great deal of interest to the dress.

Bronzy tones and ochre and verdant hues give the wildly realistic dress an exceptional sense of dimension and texture.

The lady holds a hand on her chest while the other is outstretched to the back.

The figure's left hand features some considerable wear and the loss of two fingers where her hand was originally attached to the vase.

Finally, you will notice that the figure's face is highly emotive. Her hair is piled into a less-than-conservative, natural beautiful bun and accented with an enormous dahlia on the right side of her head.

You'll notice that the vase is pervaded by a mossy-green finish. This time-enhancing patina adds an incredible amount of dimension and depth to the elegant Art Nouveau-style floral design.

The footed vase features a globular (or rounded) base that tapers ever-so-slightly to the top.

An exquisite pattern of flowers and leaves stamped in high relief decorate the entirety of the piece. Each organic element is rendered in incredible detail with realistic accents.

As you can see, the varying degrees of colors and green hues in the finish create a wonderfully textural and dynamic look.

A removable copper reservoir rests on the rim of the vase.

This would have allowed the user to preserve a floral arrangement in water in the vase without any detriment to the interior.

Both the iron vase and copper insert show a fair amount of wear.

There are some small areas of light discoloration to the exterior vase including some white spots and a few small scratches. The copper insert shows some minor verdigris near the top and some small spots.

The small, round foot shows some slight protrusions which are likely remnants from casting.

Despite some of these cosmetic issues, the vase remains in fair antique condition.

The characteristic balance of heavy materials with airy organic embellishment makes this piece a true exemplar of the best of Art Nouveau style.

The statue and vase's warm age-enhanced look will make a rich addition to your collection.

The style and design of these pieces well outweigh any condition issues. Given the right professional, these could be restored so that her hand is again attached to the vase.

She is absolutely gorgeous.

Figure is 9 1/2" tall, 4 1/4" at widest point, 4" deep, Base is 4" long, 3 1/2" wide (1 lb., 5 oz.)
Vase measures 4 1/2" tall, 3" at widest point, Foot is 2 1/4" in diameter, Rim is 2 3/4" in diameter, Copper insert is 2 3/8" tall, Rim is 2 7/8" in diameter (1 lb.)
Total Weight: 2 lbs., 5 oz

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Romantic Antique Bronze-Clad Spelter Female Figure and Cast-Iron Floral Vase


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