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Here is a unique vintage souvenir spoon commemorating a visit to the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.

The spoon is rendered in all sterling silver and features elegant and detailed stamped designs. It was created by the renowned American silver company, Paye and Baker.

This truly is an exceptional little spoon. It is so tiny but features incredibly ornate details.

The bowl of the spoon is stamped with an image of the Mormon Temple and has an inscription which reads "Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City".

The enormous and complex structure is shown in immense detail, right down to each of its sky high spires.

The handle of the tiny spoon is stamped with an elegant foliate-scroll design and some delicate beading near the end.

There are several maker's marks on the underside of the handle near the bowl. You will find Paye & Baker's classic 3-heart mark, which features "P", "&", and "B" all framed in tiny heart-shapes.

This is followed by the world "Sterling" in capitals. The piece has been professionally tested to ensure the purity of the silver.

The Paye and Baker Manufacturing Company was founded in 1901, in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. They were noted for their sterling silver souvenir items.

As you can see, the spoon exhibits some minor oxidization.

We leave polishing to the buyer; we know this beauty will shine brilliantly. Besides some teeny surface scratches, the spoon remains in very good vintage condition.

This beautiful little spoon is sure to be a unique addition to your collection.

3 ½" long, Handle is 2mm-8mm wide and ½mm thick

Bowl of spoon is 1 1/8" long, ¾" wide and 5/16" deep
Weight: 4 grams (0.14 oz)

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Vintage Salt Lake City Temple Sterling Silver Paye and Baker Souvenir Spoon


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