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During the 1970s many pieces of jewelry were inspired by the world tour of the King Tut exhibition. This necklace was probably one of those pieces that drew upon the treasures in that exhibition for it’s design. The gold tone metal pendant resembles filigree and the image of the bird is detailed and interesting. There is a red plastic oval on the body of the bird and six red round plastic dangles at the bottom of the bird’s tail. On the spread tail there are five small round black plastic balls. On the bottom of each of the bird’s wings there are three small round white plastic balls. Three round faux turquoise plastic balls dangle from the bottom of the spread wings. The birds head is detailed with feathers in the casting and there are two tiny round plastic faux turquoise beads for the eyes. On each side of the neck there are two tiny round black plastic beads. The casting for the necklace has a round beaded loop at the back of the bird’s neck that holds the gold tone chain. Although there are no markings on this pendant to identify the maker, this is not a flimsy necklace but instead it does have some heft. The chain is also unmarked. This pendant will definitely be an eye-catcher and especially when worn with black, of course!

Condition: Good
The front of the pendant shows very little wear and looks very good. On the back where the two jump rings attach the tail to the body of the bird, there is some loss of plating on the rings and a little bit on the side of the metal on the tail. This can’t be seen on the front and it really doesn’t look as pronounced in person as it does in the photos.


The chain is 20” Long.

From Widest Part of Wing to Wing: 2 3/4” Across

From Top of Bird’s Head to Bottom Red Dangles: 3”

This seller is a proud member of The Costume Society of America (CSA) and The Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG).

Item id: 1634
Type: Costume
Color: Black, Gold, Red, Turquoise, White
Item size: 2 3/4" Wide Wing Tip to Wing Tip/3" From top of Bird's Head to Bottom Dangles
Item type: Vintage
Material: Metal, Beads, Plastic

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Vintage 1970s Articulated Bird Necklace/Pendant Egyptian Inspired Design VFG Member


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