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Here’s a woven natural straw sunhat made in the late 1960s early 1970s that will make any walk in the garden a stylish event while offering some protection from the hot sun. This vintage straw hat has a high flat crown with an indent in the very center. The brim is short and is finished along the outer edge with a yellow straw stitching. The really sweet detail of this hat are the pretty little row of flowers that go all around the top of the crown. Made from dyed straw, the small woven flowers in shades of yellow, purple and light orange with leaves of green make this sunhat a pleasure to wear. On the top of the outer brim there are also little clusters of these same little flowers. At the base of the crown there is a thin straw hat band consisting of two strips of entwined straw (yellow and purple) that has been threaded through the straw hat and tied in a bow on the right side fo the hat. The hat is unlined and does not have any inner sweat band. This hat is delightful and will look lovely for a walk on a sunny day, wherever you choose to wander!

Please take note that I have provided several photos that show the hat being worn with the bow tied at the front of the hat. I think the hat was meant to be worn with the bow tied on the side, but wanted to show another option to you as the bow looks great being worn at the front of the hat, too. It’s entirely your choice as to how you feel it looks the best on you.

Condition: Very Good
This hat was obviously decorated by hand so it is not totally uniform as it would be if done by machine without the touch of a human hand. Here and there you will find a loose end of a straw among the flowers. I have chosen to leave everything as found as I don’t believe it to be an issue but just the way the hat was made. It’s sturdy and comfortable and ready to wear.

Label: None Present

Size: None Present


Height of Crown Taken at Front of Hat: 5”

Diameter of Crown Taken Across the Top: 5”
Width of Brim Taken at Front of Hat: 2 1/2”

Width of Brim Taken at Back of Hat: 2 1/2”

Circumference of Outer Brim: 38”

Total Circumference of Inner Hat: 21”

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Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow

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Vintage 1960s-70s Woven Natural Straw Sunhat Straw Flowers


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