The Encyclopedia of Mammals by David W Macdonald 1987 HCDJ Nearly New - image 1 of 10

Published by Equinox limited of Oxford, Copyright and 1st printing 1984, this is the second reprint 1987. Printed in the USA by Facts on File. Size approx. 11” x 9” with 960 Pages. Condition is Nearly New with some very light wear to the dust jacket edge. The book itself is in mint condition. See photos for more detail.

“Mammals are among the most fascinating creatures on earth. They are found on every continent and in all climates. Some of the biggest and smallest animals are mammals, from the 100-ton blue whale-the largest animal ever lived!-to the tiniest mouse like shrew, weighing less than a penny. Here is the perfect book for anyone who loves animals.”

“Humans have always relied heavily on animals. We have worshiped them, befriended them, sacrificed them, domesticated them, eaten them, hunted them, drawn them, and written about them. We have come to appreciate them, especially in their natural habitats, as an essential part of our world. They are creatures that deserve our respect and reward our curiosity. As intrinsic as they are to the ecological balance of our world, animals are under threat from their human admirers, and in dire need of our help. Habitat destruction spells disaster for many species, leaving them teetering on the brink of extinction. Only through a greater understanding of the fragile balance that exists between species and their habitats will it become possible for us to ensure the survival of our precious wildlife heritage. This comprehensive encyclopedia presents a wide-ranging survey of mammals.”


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The Encyclopedia of Mammals by David W Macdonald 1987 HCDJ Nearly New


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