Vintage Carved Chinese Wood Inro BoxVintage Carved Chinese Wood Inro BoxVintage Carved Chinese Wood Inro BoxVintage Carved Chinese Wood Inro Box

This vintage wood Inro box is intricately carved on both sides with a different design. It is in in perfect condition. This collector’s item can be worn or displayed when you are not wearing it. It is 3” long, by 2” wide and 1” deep. It is light weight as it a hollow box. The cord is 26” around. Both designs are of Chinese figures in a garden pavilion.

The inro was used as a seal container, medicine kit for carrying medicinal powders or herbs or for carrying other small treasures. Because the Japanese and Chinese clothing lacked pockets, men carried their small personal items suspended from their sashes by toggled cords fastened by an ojime (a small bead that can be moved up and down the double cord which helps to secure the lid of the inro). Both the inro and ojime were beautifully carved or decorated out of materials believed to possess magical and medicinal properties, or be significant to the wearer.


Vintage Carved Chinese Wood Inro Box

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