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This intricately hand carved vintage Chinese translucent lavender and green jadeite pendant is carved with bamboo in the center with a bat on the left and a dragon and lotus on the right side. In perfect condition, it is carved on both sides so it can be worn with either side facing forward. The pendant is 2” long by 1 1/2” wide. I have beaded this with 13 mm carved lavender jade flattened oval shou beads interspersed with small lavender jade beads. The beads are carved with the Chinese longevity character on both sides with the dragon on the sides. The necklace is 18 3/4” around and is finished with a sterling silver clasp.

This stunning piece of jade is highly polished and with the carved jade beads is a one of a kind necklace. It weighs 78 grams.

Bamboo is symbolic of longevity.

The bat is symbolic of happiness, good fortune, prosperity and longevity. When something is portrayed upside down it means it has arrived, so the common portrayal of an upside-down bat is symbolic of good fortune that has arrived.

The dragon is the imperial emblem of the Emperors in China, especially from the from the Han period where their coat of arms shows two dragons fighting for the fiery pearl. The dragon is a supernatural creature and is the symbol of power, strength, wisdom and goodness. It represents the utmost in accomplishment: good luck and a successful life. It is also believed to be the guardian of hidden treasures. It represents the spirit of growth and change.

The sacred lotus, also known as the sea rose, is a symbol of purity, fruitfulness and creativity. The lotus, an aquatic plant, grows in ponds or rivers, the roots planted in the bottom soil and the leaves float on the water. The blossoms rise above the leaves and are very showy.

Called the stone of heaven, jade has worn jade for centuries by Chinese royalty. It has been used since the Neolithic times for tools, weaponry, amulets, vases and figurines because of its hardness. It is believed to be a spiritual stone and has been called the jewel of heaven. It represents the five principal virtues: charity, modesty, courage, justice and wisdom. From cloudy white to golden brown, light to dark green, to rare lavender, jade is the most highly prized Asian gemstone. Jade has been regarded as the most precious stone for thousands of years and is treasured for its magical powers. It is believed to protect the wearer and ensure good luck and good health as well as to increase life span, which is why most Asians put a jade bangle on a baby’s arm and wear jade themselves.

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Stunning Carved Lavender & Green Jade, Carved Jade Necklace

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