This limited edition 1960 of the American classic by O.Henry is a collection of twelve stories taken from his work The Four Million. It was published in 1960 as the Christmas edition issued by the West Virginia Pulp & Paper Company. There is great attention to the printing and paper selection, as well as the type set and selection of stories. The stories all center around the every day lives of every day New Yorkers ( the four million as per the Census of that year). This in contrast to the Four Hundred notables that were always touted as being the important inhabitants of the city. O.Henry is well known for his keen observation and craft in describing the "Man in the street" of early twentieth century New York.
Condition of the book is good, both slipcover and binding are tight, with some toning to the edge of the slipcover as well as some faint finger prints and some very faint abrasions to the font cover of the book. There is a bookplate in the front. Overall a great addition to a library.


Juliet Jones Vintage

1960 The Four Million by O.Henry Virginia Pulp & Paper Co Limited Ed


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