This edition of the American classic by Stephen Crane falls right in the books as art category: the book is published by the Virginia Pulp & Paper company as a limited Christmas edition. It features a pebbled leather black cover in a slip case with the impressed American Eagle on its front. This is the real eagle insignia as worn by the Civil War soldiers. The book, with its slip case, also imitates the kit a Civil War soldier would have carried with him. This is even more vivid as the creator of the book had a bullet hole replicated in the book, reminiscent of the real war stories where bullets were lodged in bibles or mess kits worn by the soldier and so saving a life. The book also has real looking blood splatters through out the book, carefully crafted again by the creator. The book also has in it a detailed handbook on the maintenance and cleaning of a Springfield rifle with detailed sketches, all carefully researched and base on historical documents. The story by Crane is poignant and extremely well written. Presented in this form it takes on a whole new dimension. The book is in very good condition with no real defects. The slip case is also very good with a slight break at one corner.


Juliet Jones Vintage

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane Virginia Pulp & Paper Co Limited Edition


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