Lincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & HubbardLincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & HubbardLincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & HubbardLincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & HubbardLincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & HubbardLincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & Hubbard

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These Lincoln and Washington bookends are typical craftsmanship of Bradley and Hubbard. Because Lincoln and Washington were the two most popular presidents represented in bookend art, these are also seen as two Washington bookends or two Lincoln bookends also. Condition is excellent.

Bradley and Hubbard Company Description

The Bradley and Hubbard Manufacturing Company of Meriden, Connecticut, began as a partnership of Nathaniel L. Bradley AND Walter Hubbard in 1854. Initially, they produced clocks, vases, mirror frames, tables, and other decorative metal articles. Later, oil lamps, and eventually gas and electric light fixtures were manufactured by the company. In 1940 B & H joined forces with the Charles Parker Company, noted for their work in lighting fixtures and architectural bronze and iron.

The works of Bradley and Hubbard are consistently excellent, and command consistently higher prices than comparable pieces. The vast majority of bookends are iron, though a few examples of bronze have been seen, and it is reported that some pieces were manufactured of cast gray metal. In contrast to many pieces which were apparently destined for more decorative than functional careers, the majority of B & H bookends are of substantial weight and solidarity. The castings are often of much greater detail than is seen from other manufacturers, and the polychrome paints are more colorful and enduring than any other iron manufacturers. It is not at all uncommon to find B & H bookends with multicolored paint and shadings fully intact, even though they were produced in the 1920s. B & H pieces are sometimes marked with beige descriptive tags, on the underside, with titles or brief descriptors of the subject matter, and are clearly marked with the B & H logo, as well as (rarely) the B & H company tag, a triangular identifying marker which also locates them in Meriden.

For more information see:

Kuritzky, Louis, and Charles De Costa. Collector's Encyclopedia of Bookends: Identification & Values. Paducah, KY: Collector, 2006.

Name: Lincoln & Washington

Maker: Bradley & Hubbard

Date: ca 1925

Material: Iron

Markings: Shopmark

Height: 5.375"

Rarity: 5

Rarity ratings are as per Collectors Encyclopedia of Bookends, Kuritzky L and De Costa C, Collector Books, (Publishers) 2006

1-2 VERY COMMON: Consistently available online or in antique malls at all times

3 COMMON Available with regularity, typically seen several times each week online; found with ease in malls or shows

4 UNCOMMON:In online sales, may be seen as often as several times per month. Sporadically found at shows or shops

5 RARE: In online sales, seen only a few times per year. Seen at shows and antiques shops rarely

5* SINGULAR: The pair has only been seen once by the authors

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Lincoln & Washington Bookends by Bradley & Hubbard

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