Lorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by RonsonLorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by Ronson

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Lorenzl, whose name appears in a variety of formats on sculpture, is recognized as a ‘listed’ Austrian sculptor of art deco and art nouveau style figures. The Lorenzl Lady, in its original signed format in bronze, made in Austria, was adopted by Art Metal Works (Ronson) in two sizes and multiple different finishes. Even the original Austrian bronze pair has been seen in black, traditional bronze, and high-gloss green. Pieces marked ‘ART METAL WORKS’ (as this one is marked) or “AMW” are distinctly less common that any of the other Ronson company markings. This set is in excellent condition.

Ronson Company Description:

Ronson, variously labeled as LVA, LV Aronson, Louis V. Aronson, or Art Metal Works, is generally regarded as one of the most prolific, as well as most creative of all art metal bookend producers. The first art metal piece recorded in the U.S. copyright office is dated November 8, 1915, though we know that Mr. Aronson obtained a patent for one of his works in 1909. At the time of the initial 1915 work, the company was located at Mulberry Street in Newark, New Jersey. Over 150 copyrights are registered to Aronson or Art Metal Works. It is usually not clear who is the artist/sculptor of the pieces. Many of those registered to Art Metal Works (1931-1937) are credited to Frederick Kaufmann, at the office location 46 Center St., Newark, New Jersey, and a few are credited to John Skiba.

A 1936 catalog of Art Metal Works, Inc. has more than 150 examples of Ronson bookends. At that time, the central office of AMW is listed as Aronson Square, Newark, New Jersey, but letterhead details include permanent display rooms for AMW products in New York (347 Fifth Avenue), Chicago (136 South State Street), Los Angeles (728 South Flower Street), Canada (Dominion Art Metal Works, Toronto), England (Ronson Products, London), and Australia (W.G. Watson & Co., Sydney). Ronson bookends were complemented with at least 16 different finishes, descriptions of some of which are:

Imperial Bronze: two-tone antique copper-bronze effect

Venetian Bronze: two-tone dull green-gold effect, hand relieved in verdi-green

Tyrrhian Bronze: two-tone dusty bronze effect with copper highlights

Royal Bronze: black-bronze effect, hand relieved in verdi-green

Polished Brass: traditional brass

Colonial Bronze: medium bronze effect combined with copper-colored highlights

Georgian Bronze: deep bronze effect combined with brass-colored highlights

Lincoln Bronze: two-toned green-gold effect, hand relieved in brown

Chromium Plate: high-gloss chrome finish

Copper: brilliant red-hued copper finish

Ebony: matte finish black

Decorated polished-gold effect: gold-colored metal with polychrome enameling

Depression green: creamy light green matte finish

Gun Metal: silver-gray glossy finish

For more information see:

Kuritzky, Louis, and Charles De Costa. Collector's Encyclopedia of Bookends: Identification & Values. Paducah, KY: Collector, 2006.

Name: Lorenzl Lady, Petite

Maker: Ronson

Date: 1937

Material: Gray Metal

Markings: Company Paper Tag #16352; 1937 © Art Metal Works

Height: 5.75"

Rarity: 5

LKCD#: 1146 (LKCD# refers to the Plate# of this set in Collectors Encyclopedia of Bookends)

Rarity ratings are as per Collectors Encyclopedia of Bookends, Kuritzky L and De Costa C, Collector Books, (Publishers) 2006

1-2 VERY COMMON: Consistently available online or in antique malls at all times

3 COMMON Available with regularity, typically seen several times each week online; found with ease in malls or shows

4 UNCOMMON:In online sales, may be seen as often as several times per month. Sporadically found at shows or shops

5 RARE: In online sales, seen only a few times per year. Seen at shows and antiques shops rarely

5* SINGULAR: The pair has only been seen once by the authors

Item ID: 20150042

Lorenzl Lady, Petite Bookends by Ronson

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