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After collecting for over 30 years and now, reaching age 60, my husband has decided to liquidate his Antonio Borsato collection. He has nearly 45 of these beautiful works of art in his collection, each one telling its own story through the masters works of artistry. Over the years, he has shown portions of his collections in galleries around our city. We've enjoyed these majestic pieces in our home for many many years and now its time for them to find a new owner who'll cherish them as we have. My husband knows that there's still those out there who collect these magnificent pieces and would love to add to their collections. He's priced them extremely well so don't miss out on some great deals. For anyone who's versed in Antonio Borsato the master sculpture, I need not go into detail the accomplishments this man has made and brought forth into the art world in his lifetime. A true loss when he was killed in an auto accident in 1982.

This is the next figurine in a series of listings we'll be doing in the coming months. This particular piece is titled "Seductive Moment". This is the first Borsato figurine my husband purchased and he acquired it out of an antique shop in Trieste Italy back in the early 1980's. He said he purchased it because of its uniqueness and added that at the time of purchase, it reminded him a lot of himself, being the adventurous single sailor that he was. Go figure. This beautiful figurine measures a whopping 13 inches tall, one of the taller ones created by Antonio Borsato. In my husbands eyes, he sees a handsome seafarer who's ship has docked in some far away country and he's ashore on some well deserved time off where he's found the company of a beautiful maiden who appears to be blushing at his advances. Perhaps he's asking her up to dance of maybe he's bragging about of the adventures he's been on during his time at sea. That's whats so wonderful about these pieces. Each person has their own thought when it comes to interpreting either the title of the figurine or the figurine itself.
I've gone over this piece really well and see no damage at all. There could be some minimal lace damage on the ladies dress or this could just be the way Antonio Borsato depicted her way of life and what she wore back in that time frame. Either way, its still a very beautiful and collectible sculpture.
Remember, these figurines were never massed produced and there was never 2 done exactly the same. Each were hand painted with different color schemes with slightly different surroundings. All my husbands figurines have been sitting behind glass since he's owned them. He really never kept track of exactly where or when he got each one so he's certain that for each one he has in his collection, it was purchased in the very condition he's selling them as. My husband was a Canadian sailor and he purchased many of his figurines in shops throughout Italy as he had many deployments with the navy in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Antonio Borsato Seductive Moment


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