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Antique jewelry object group: brooch

Condition: very good condition

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Country of origin: unknown

Style: Art Nouveau
- Art Nouveau (French for New Style) is an international movement and style of art, architecture and applied art - especially the decorative arts - that peaked in popularity at the turn of the 20th century (1890–1905).

The name "Art Nouveau" is French for "new art". It is also known as Jugendstil, German for "youth style", named after the magazine Jugend, which promoted it, and in Italy, Stile Liberty from the department store in London, Liberty & Co., which popularised the style, and in Holland as “Sla-olie-stijl”, Dutch for “salad oil style” after a advertisement poster for this product that was made in that style.

A reaction to academic art of the 19th century, it is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms. Art Nouveau is an approach to design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of everyday life. Although Art Nouveau fell out of favour with the arrival of 20th-century modernist styles, it is seen today as an important bridge between the historicism of Neoclassicism and modernism.

Style specifics: Art Nouveau
- Although Art Nouveau took on distinctly localised tendencies as its geographic spread increase some general characteristics are indicative of the form. A description published in Pan magazine of Hermann Obrist's wall-hanging Cyclamen (1894) described it as "sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip", which became well known during the early spread of Art Nouveau.

Period: ca. 1900

Material: platinum and 18K yellow gold (touchstone tested)

57 old brilliant cut diamonds with an estimated weight of ± 1.87ct. (colour and clarity: F/I, vs/i).
13 rose cut diamonds and senailles. A senaille is a simplified rose cut diamond, a small diamond chip with perhaps a few polished facets. We do not have the weight of the rose cuts diamonds nor the senailles which is normal in our trade when it comes to rose cut diamonds and senailles.
- Total diamond count: 70 pcs.
- All diamond weights, color grades and clarity are approximate since stones are not removed from their mounts to preserve the integrity of the setting.
- We have all diamonds screened by the IJGC-lab for whether they are natural or synthetic, and all diamonds in this jewel are 100% guaranteed to be natural!

Precious stones:
Two most probably natural salt water pearls

Birthstones: Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April and pearl for June.

Hallmarks: No trace.

Dimensions: 3,23 cm (1,27 inch) x 4,63 cm (1,82 inch)
- See picture with a ruler in cm and inches

Weight: 10,90 gram (7,01 dwt)

Adin Reference Nº: 20190-0105

- Copyright photography: Adin, fine antique jewelry
- The jewelry on our pictures is NOT Photoshopped
- Comes with certificate

Comes with certificate of authenticity. Free insured shipping.
Estate, Fine
Clear, Colorless, Cream, Gold, White, Yellow
Diamond, White Diamond, Pearl, Saltwater Pearl
Art Nouveau, Wedding & Bridal
Dimensions: 3,23 cm (1,27 inch) x 4,63 cm (1,82 inch) - See picture with a ruler in cm and inches
Metal, Gold, 18K Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum

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Antique Stylish Art Nouveau Diamond and Pearl Brooch, 1900s

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