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Caroline's Jewelry with a Past is offering a Ana Maria Nunez de Brilanti ("Victoria" or "Victoria Brilanti") from Taxco c. 1955 metales casado or married metals demi-parure. The three pieces include a necklace and pair of earrings. The creation of married metals was
introduced during the Golden age of Taxco jewelry in the 1950's. It is a time consuming and difficult process and was executed by only the most skilled jewelers. The three metals "married" together in this parure are copper and sterling silver with brass accents. The modernistic wave or lily design features a sterling silver, copper and brass double centerpiece with eight sterling silver and copper links. Each link is separated by a rectangular brass plaque. Each link is connected with a silver link and ring allowing the piece to lay nicely on the neck. The tongue is silver while the box clasp is silver and brass. The earrings are made to match the central double panel and have a screw back fixture. The necklace is 16-1/4" long. The centerpiece is 4" X 1-3/4" (maximum dimensions). The earrings are 2" long X 1" wide (maximum dimensions). The reverse of the necklace is marked "Victoria" + "Sterling" + "Taxco" + "Mexico" + "218" + the Eagle mark 12. One of the earrings is marked "Victoria" + "Sterling" + "Mexico" + "218" (design number) with an Eagle mark (rubbed). One earring is marked "218" + the Eagle mark 15. The second earring is marked "Victoria" + "Sterling" + "Mexico".

Ana Maria Nunez de Brilanti (1910-1999) opened her first shop, Plateria Victoria SA, in Taxco, Mexico in 1940. She was a talented designer and maker of jewelry. Victoria's pieces used designs that include all forms of the natural world, including flowers, animals, fish and pre-Columbian art. She is also well known for her unique, modern looks. She was supported during her early years by WIlliam Spratling and Margot de Taxco. She and her family opened a second shop in the 1950's. These pieces were trademarked "Cony". Her family continues to work in the Taxco jewelry business.

The silver content of this piece has been tested using standard accepted testing methods, such as acid testing. The silver is marked "Sterling".

When you own vintage handmade jewelry, you wear a design that is unique and represents the artist's vision. It is made by a skilled craftsman and can have features which are only found in this piece. The jewelry may exhibit the marks of the craftsman. It will not be perfect. The jewelry will show age appropriate tarnish, unless we state otherwise.

Fine, Signed
Copper, Silver, Yellow
Brass, Copper, Silver, Sterling Silver

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Masterful Married Metal Victoria Brilanti Taxco Demi Parure c. 1960


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