Here's a wonderful iridescent carnival water set that is sure to become a prize in your collection. Produced by Mosser Glass, it's L.G. Wright's God and Home pattern in Dark Amethyst Carnival. Westmoreland produced cobalt carnival in 1981 and Mosser produced this amethyst carnival from 1994-96. The pitcher is about 8 inches tall and the tumblers are 4 1/4 inches tall. All pieces are in near MINT condition. Dugan-Diamond’s Classic Carnival God and Home water set is arguably the only Carnival pattern to have an entire book written about it. The book is a self-published, 71-page paperback penned in 1976 by O. Joe Olson. He also promised the “first documented account of the man who drafted the design . . . tells why the set was made and where it was distributed.” The book also details an intriguing war of words between two Carnival personalities of the day. God and Home is known in Classic Carnival in the form of blue/purple water pitchers and tumblers (a marigold tumbler is recorded). The pattern is on two sides and features a rising sun partially encircled by a wreath, with the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” on one side and “GOD BLESS OUR HOME” on the other. An elaborate scroll motif separates the two main rising sun cameos. The pattern was given the name God and Home by Marion Hartung (which stuck). The pattern concept was likely influenced by the wreath and the wording seen on the old American silver dollar; in fact, Marion Hartung suggested it could even have been called the "Coin" tumbler, so closely did the design resemble the dollar coin.
A number of old Dugan-Diamond moulds, including the God and Home water set, were purchased by Si Wright in 1939.

They were unused for almost forty years until, in 1975, L. G. Wright Glass Co. revived them for reissues of the old water set in purple. The glass was poured by Westmoreland who, at the time were starting to make Contemporary Carnival. They were advertised thus in Wright’s marketing brochure: "A Rare and Treasured Pattern in Carnival Glass, Once Again Produced From the Recently Discovered Original Old Moulds.”
Olson’s book traces the story of a young St. Louis couple called Maxton who went on a quest to discover the truth behind the origins of the God and Home water set. They “narrowed the distribution point or source to a small general store in Dorsey, Madison County, about 35 miles north east of St. Louis". The theory is that the pattern was designed by the general store manager, a Lutheran called William Kuethe, who wanted a merchandising premium for his customers. Olson suggests that Kuethe ordered the moulds based on his design from a St. Louis firm who went to Hipkins Novelty Mould Company. The Dorsey store is reported to have given free tumblers to folk who made large orders—and those who acquired six tumblers were invited to buy a matching pitcher for 75 cents.

Carnival Glass
Blue, Purple
United States • American
Pitchers, Ewers

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L.G. Wright God and Home Water Set - Dark Carnival Glass - Made by Mosser Glass - Pitcher and 6 Tumblers


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