18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant

ITEM: Vintage 18k Gold Ammolite Teardrop Pendant ~ Two-Tone

COMPOSITION: 18k Yellow and White Gold, Acid tested

GEM: Ammolite 14.5mm X 10.3mm

CONDITION: Estate Item, Very Good

WEIGHT: 2.9 Grams

MEASUREMENT: 1 1/8" X 5/8"

MARKS: 18k on bail, pendant acid tested to 14k standard.

COMMENTS: Gem-quality Ammolite produces a spectacular display of iridescent color when it is observed in reflected light. The colors of an individual stone can run the full range of the visible spectrum or be limited to just one or two colors. The color display can rival fine opal and labradorite in its intensity and beauty.

Ammolite is a trade name given to a thin iridescent aragonite shell material that is found on two species of extinct ammonite fossils. Other less-frequently used trade names for Ammolite are "Calcenite" and "Korite." It is also known simply as "ammonite shell."

Ammolite is a rare material. All of the world's commercial production comes from a small area along the St. Mary River in southwestern Alberta, Canada. There, two companies mine Ammolite from thin layers in the Bearpaw Formation where the ammonite fossils are found.

Ammolite Metaphysical Meaning: Ammolite helps to awaken your awareness of evolutionary shifts in consciousness – in yourself and in the world in general. Ammolite is one of the key crystals on Earth today that you can work with in order to be a conscious and active leader of this massive shifting.

Circa 1980's. Pictured as received from a local estate. Very good estate condition with minimal wear indicative of age. Items will be cleaned but natural patina will be preserved if applicable. Polishing to near new is always FREE upon request!

rb Ammolite Pendant Teardrop
Gold, 18K Gold
Gold, Green, Orange

18k Gold Teardrop Ammolite Pendant


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