7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring

ITEM: Vintage 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring

COMPOSITION: 22k Yellow Gold, Acid tested

GEM: Dendritic Agate 16mm X 12mm

CONDITION: Estate Item, Very Good

WEIGHT: 9.9 Grams

MEASUREMENT: Shank 3.5mm, Design Just under 1"

MARKS: None. Acid tested to 22k standard.

SIZE: 8. Ring can be sized for an additional fee. Please inquire if needed.

COMMENTS: Dendritic Agate is a member of the Agate family that’s translucent to opaque. It’s characterized by its brown or black branch-like dendrite inclusions, which are made up of iron oxide or manganese. This ring has beautiful contrast from the rich gold and the neutral colored stone. Dendritic Agate will encourage patience and perseverance, and it will create a peaceful internal and external environment. It will also help you have a strong connection with the earth and secure your place in the universe. Dendritic Agate is the ideal stone for self-examination, and it will remove your self-imposed limitations and behavior patterns that create your life experiences. It’s a helpful talisman that will aid you in meditation, therapy, and rebirth. It will also help you in making the necessary behavioral changes that will help you achieve your desired results. Dendritic Agate will promote maturity, composure, and inner stability. This stone’s warm, loving, and protective vibrations will promote security, stability, and self-confidence. Dendritic Agate is an excellent stone when you need to do a self-analysis and discover hidden circumstances that can affect your well-being. It will promote self-acceptance, and it will give you the confidence and courage to speak your own truth. It will enhance your mental functions by improving your analytical abilities, perception, and concentration. Dendritic Agate is commonly referred to as the Stone of Plentitude. It will attract and bring abundance, richness, and fullness to all areas of your life. It will help you create, concentrate, and move forward with your realistic and practical goals. It will support you so that you will not remain stuck living another person’s dreams. Circa 1980's. Pictured as received from a local estate. Very good estate condition with minimal wear indicative of age. Items will be cleaned but natural patina will be preserved if applicable. Polishing to near new is always FREE upon request!

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rb 22k Dendritic Agate Ring
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7 1/2" 22k Baht Gold Dendritic Agate Ring

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