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c1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Healthc1888 Wife and Mother Book Information for Every Woman Corsets Marriage Midwifery  Pregnancy Health

Antique Wife and Mother Book Pregnancy Anatomy Young Woman First Edition.

This grand antique book dated 1888 is entitled Wife and Mother or Information for Every Woman. It is a comprehensive text for its time, with subjects such as The Young Wife, Evils of Corsets, Marriage, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Labor, Health Issues, Homeopathy, Belladonna Dosing, Cholera, Nursing, Infancy, and Childhood.

Some text excerpts are below. Please excuse any typographical errors, as these were taken with an optical reader.


Introductory Chapter. The Young Wlfe:-Restoration and preservation of health. Perfect health worth trouble. Life without health a burden. Health is happiness. A house without children. Love of offspring. Offspring necessary to happiness.

Exercise essential. Walking a glorious exercise. Leather cheaper than psychic. When to walk. Results of exercise. Ablution. Nature not to be trifled with. Daily bathing. How to make a house healthy. -Diet. Effects of early rising. Ventilation of Sleeping Rooms. Enough sleep is essential to health. Importance of light. Evil effects of lacing (corsets.) Value of cheerfulness. Value of occupation. Constipation and treatment. Important Advice.

Part I, Mensruation: Duration of menstruation. Menstruation, how divided. The most important epoch in a girl's life. Perfection of puberty. Dangers of early marriage. Dangers of late marriage. When to marry. Duration of menstruation. Effect of climate. Appearance and properties of menstrual fluid. Menstruation in pregnancy. Menstruation while nursing. Painful menstruation. Unhealthy menstruation. Quality, quantity, time etc. Hysteria. Symptoms of hysteria. Peculiarities of hysteria. Prevention of hysteria. Change of life, pregnancy or disease. Change of life--symptoms, disease, etc. General remarks.

Part II, Pregnancy: Signs of pregnancy. — Clothing in pregnancy. — Ablution in pregnancy. — Air and exercise. — Ventilation and drainage. — Value of pure water.— Necessity of occasional rest. — Constipation, causes, effects and remedies. — Diseases incident to pregnancy. — Muscular pains in the abdomen. — Diarrhea. — Fidgets. — Heartburn. — Water- brash. — Flatulency. — Piles. — Swollen legs. — Pendulous abdomen. — Toothache. — Morning sickness. — Sore nipples. — Means to harden the nipples. — Swollen breasts. — The bladder. — Fainting.— Cramps. — The whites.— Irritation and itching of the external parts. — Miscarriage; causes, symptoms and treatment. — False labor pains. — Period of gestation. — A pregnancy table. — Is it a boy or girl? — The nurse and qualities she should possess.

Part III, Parturition Without Pain: The testimony of travelers.— Women of savage nations suffer less than those of the civilized. — Eminent medical testimony. — Remarkable cases. — Elizabeth Cady Stanton's testimony.- A mistaken notion.— Fruit diet in pregnancy. — A new theory. — Mrs. Rowbotham's experience. — Remarkable recovery.— Properties of different foods.— Origin of the fruit diet in pregnancy. — Why the fruit diet is efficacious.— Other factors essential.-Summary.

Part IV, Labor: Symptoms of labor.— Preparation for labor.— The guarding of the bed. — Chloroform in hard and lingering labor. — Hints to attendant in the absence of a doctor. — Artificial respiration. — Tying the navel string.— The after birth. — Rest after delivery. — Clothing, ventilation and beverage.— Bandage after labor. — Position after labor. — After treatment.— The bowels.— Cleansings.— Ablution. Rest and quietude.— Dietary.— Beverages.— Water a valuable aperient. — Nature's physician.

Part V, Nursing: The duties of a nursing mother. — The breasts.— Treatment of the breasts. — Milk fever. — Stated times for nursing. — Clothing and dietary. — Exercise and air essential to a nursing mother. — Occupation a necessity. — Care of the nipples, — Treatment of sore nipples. — Cracked and fissured nipples. — Gathered breasts; symptoms, causes and treatment. — Aperients during nursing. — Fruit better than physic— General remarks on aperients. — Weaning. Age at which a child should be weaned. — Manner of weaning. — Treatment of the breasts in weaning, etc

Part VI, Infancy: Preliminary remarks. — Ablution essential— Thorough bathing necessary to health. — General remarks on the bathing of infants. — Management of the navel— Ruptures, and how to treat them. — Clothing in infancy. — Diet Important advice. —How to choose a wet nurse. — Causes of mortality in hand-fed children. — Artificial human milk. — When to give farinaceous foods and how to prepare them.— Dentition and diseases resulting therefrom.— Exercise. — Sleep. — Ailments, disease, etc. — Chafing. — Convulsions. — Costiveness. — Flatulency. — Gripings. — Hiccough.— Diarrheaa. — Dysentery. — Nettle-rash. — Red- gum. — The thrush. — The language of a cry. — Concluding remarks on infancy.

Part VII, Childhood: Ablution, clothing and diet— The nursery. — Night terrors and treatment — Exercise— Amusements.— Play necessary to a child's existence. — Education.— Sleep. — Second dentition.— Diseases and treatment — Water on the brain. — Croup. — Child-crowing.— Inflammation of the lungs.— Bronchitis. — Diptheria. — Measles. — Scarlet fever. — Chicken-pox. — Whooping cough. — The mumps. — Treatment of boils. — Ear-ache. — Aperients for children. — How to administer medicine to children. — General remarks on sickness. — Chilblains. — Chapped hands and lips — Worms and how to treat them. — Milk crust.— Warm baths for children. — Accidents, such as falls, bruises, bums, choking, poisoning, bee stings, etc., etc.

Part VIII, Youth: — Thorough ablution essential to health. — Warm and cold baths and how to use them to the best advantage. — Management of the hair. — Clothing. — The evil effects of tight lacing. — Exercise for the young. — Amusements for boys. — Amusements for girls. — Choice of trade or profession in relation to health. — Sleeping rooms, time to sleep, etc — Care of the teeth. — Prevention of disease. — Scrofula, and how to prevent or treat it. — Symptoms, prevention, cause and treatment of consumption, sore throat, nose bleed, fainting, etc. — Costivenees and the evil effects of purgatives. Hydropathy.— Concluding remarks.

It is with a sense of relief and thankfulness that we turn from the many "medical reforms" to this conservative common-sense book. The book throughout is a plea for absolute cleanliness. The progress of medicine in modem times is largely along this line, especially is this true of surgery. The successful surgeon is no longer merely a clever butcher, but one who knows how to keep surgical wounds absolutely clean, such is the interpretation of antisepsis. Cleanliness is the guardian angel of childbirth. The cure of consumption, if there be a cure is clean air. In order to have strong muscles we must nourish them with clean blood, and that means vigorous exercise in the open air. The modern disease neurasthenia — nervous exhaustion — might be prevented and even overcome by daily exposing the surface of the body to the stimulus of cold water, fresh air and sunshine. These are nature's tonics, free to all, for the enfeebled nerves whose delicate endings lie all over the body just beneath the cuticle. In all my experience I have never known a thoroughly cleanly woman — according to the Pye Chavasse standard — to be hysterical. The short breath, the short dry cough, the flabby pale face, the white pasty tongue, the pains over the short ribs. hips, loins and back, flatulence of stomach and bowels, the ever present cosativeness or diarrhea, the capricious, often disgusts appetite are so many signs of filth of which the poor enfeebled body is trying to rid itself — worn out material the ashes of life's furnace accumulated in every tissue of the body. Many of these patients are extremely neat about their homes — a finger mark or a cob-web would bring on a regular spasm, but the temples of their souls have probably never been cleansed since the souls entered there. No wonder the nerves, the soul's messengers, cry aloud with pain — neuralgia. In vain will the doctor administer physic — the ashes must be taken up, the cobwebs swept down, and the windows washed before the messengers can come and go without complaining. Now this book is helpful and wholesome to place in the hands of every woman who does not wish the temple of her soul thus blockaded. It will even teach her how to get rid of the morbid material, if in her ignorance she has allowed it to accumulate.

Menstruation — " the periods " — is then one of the most important epochs in a girl's life. It is the boundary line, the landmark between childhood and womanhood...her mental capacity enlarges and improves. She then ceases to be a child, and she becomes a woman. She is now, for the first time, as a rule, able to conceive.

Although puberty has at this time commenced, it can not be said that she is at her full perfection; it takes eight or ten years more to complete her organization, which will bring her to the age of twenty- three or twenty -five years; which, perhaps, are the best ages for a woman, if she have both the chance and the inclination, to marry.

If she marry when very young, marriage I weakens her system, and prevents a full development of her body. Besides, if she marry when she is only seventeen or eighteen, the bones of the pelvis —the bones of the lower part of the trunk — are not at that time sufficiently developed ; are not properly shaped for the purpose of labor; do not allow of sufficient space for the head of the child to readily pass, as though it were of the riper age of twenty- three or twenty-five. She might have in consequence a severe and dangerous confinement Parents ought, therefore, to persuade their daughters not to marry until they are of age — twenty -one; they should point out to them the risk and danger likely to ensue if their advice be not followed.

What wonder that the girl of seventeen or eighteen, whose bones are only half consolidated, and whose pelvis, especially with its muscular and ligamentous surroundings, is yet far from maturity, loses her health after marrying, and becomes the delicate mother of sickly children...the nearer the girls arrive at the age of twenty-five before the consummation of this important rite, the greater the probability that, physically and morally, they will be protected against those risks which precocious marriages bring in their train.

If a lady marry late in life, say after she be thirty, the soft parts engaged in parturition are more rigid and more tense, and thus become less capable of dilatation, which might ordinarily cause, for the first time, a hard and tedious labor. Again, when she marries late in life she might not live to see her children grow up to be men and women. Moreover, as a rule, " the offspring of those that are very young or very old lasts not" Everything, therefore, points out that the age above indicated — namely, somewhere between twenty-one and thirty — is the most safe and saitable time for a woman to marry. While talking about marriage, let me strongly urge a mother not to allow her daughter, if she be very delicate, to marry.

On Corsets: We suggest that the corset should be discarded, or if worn at all be worn very loosely, and that the skirts and all under-garment be suspended from the shoulders by suspenders instead of being worn like a girdle or belt around the waist, thereby forcing the womb from its normal position, bringing it in contact with the other organs, thereby producing irritation and finally inflammation, or aggravating the already lacerated organ, resulting in the long category of malignant uterine and vaginial diseases, which very few of our modem self-torturing American women are ever free from.

On Histeria: A large family of children, repeated miscarriages, and profuse menstruation, are three common causes of hysteria; indeed, anything and everything that produces debility will induce hysteria.

There are two classes of wives most liable to hysteria, namely, those who have had too many children, and those who have had none at alL Both these conditions of wifehood are detrimental to health ; but of the two, the childless wife is far more liable to hysteria, and to many other diseases, than is the prolific mother.

On Abortion: Hence the heinous and damnable sin of a single woman, in the early months of pregnancy, using means to promote abortion ; it is as much murder as though the child were at his full time, or as though he were butchered when he was actually born! An attempt, then, to procure abortion is a crime of the 'deepest dye, viz., a heinous murder! It is attended, moreover, with fearful consequences to the mother's own health; it may either cause her immediate death, or it may so grievously injure her constitution that she might never recover from the shock. If these fearful consequences ensue, she ought not to be pitied; she richly deserves them all. Our profession is a noble one, and every qualified member of it would scorn and detest the very idea either of promoting or of procuring an abortion; but there are unqualified villains who practice the damnable art Transportation, if not hanging, ought to be their doom. The seducers, who often assist and abet them in their nefarious practices, should share their punishment.

On sex determined by the parents: Is it not a fact that cannot be controverted, that great good would occur to nations, as well as communities and individual families, if the sex of children could be made to conform to the desire of parents ? Hence, it is worthy of our consideration, that the child whose conception takes place during five days preceding the periods is apt to be a male child, while one conceived during the ten days after the periods is almost Shurely to be a female child.

On boys being round-shouldered: If a boy be round shouldered, let him be drilled, there is nothing more likely to benefit him than drilling. You never see a soldier round shouldered nor slouchy in his gait He walks every inch a man. Look at the difference in appearance between a country bumpkin and a soldier. It is the drilling that makes the difference.

Arsenic Poisoning Remedy: Arsenic (Paris green, arsenical rat poisons, Fowler's solution, and all preparations containing arsenic). — Antidotes: Warm water; warm new milk, freely given; a mixture of sweet milk, lime-water, and the whites of eggs, taken freely; an emetic of sulphate of zinc (white vitriol) — about a teaspoonful in a small quantity of warm water; hydrated peroxide of iron is a specific antidote, — if unable to obtain this, get a piece of old rusty iron and scrape the rust into some warm water, mix it, and give freely.

More subjects are included as shown in the Index and Glossary below:

Accoucker, — Surgeon in child-birth.

Allantoise. — Membrane connecting the foetus and chorion.

Amenorrkata. — Suppression of the menses.

Anteversion. — Tipped forward.

Anteflexion. — Bent backward.

A ntiphhgistic.'-OpposUig in fla m mation .

Aperient, — Mi Id J/ cathartic.

Astringent. — Binding.

Cathartic, — Laxative.

Chorion. — The external foetal membrane.

Colon. — The large intestine.

Congestion, — Overcrowded blood vessels.

Cutaneous. — Pertaining to the skin.

Diaphragm. — Parietal muscle between the chest and abdomen.

Diagnosis. — Determination of disease.

Diphtheria. — Malignant disease of the throat

Dysmenorrhasa. — Painful menstruation.

Emaciation. — State of being reduced to leanness.

Embryo. — Egg.

Endente. — Pregnant.

Enetna. — I n jection.

Peritonp.tts — Inflammation of peritoneum.

Pelvis — Lower part of abdomen.

Phytolacca — Poke root.

Place nta — Afterbirth.

Plethoric — Corpulent, fat.

Podophyllum — Mandrake.

Prognosis — Opinion of disease.

Prolapsus — Falling.

Prolapsus Aui — Falling of the bowels.

Prolapsus Uteri — Falling of the womb.

Puerperal — Consequent upon childbirth*

Pulsatilla — Wind flower.

Pyemia — Poisoned by absorbed pus.

Rectum — Lower portion of bowels.

]\igor — Chill.

Pet rozrr ted —Bent backward.

SaiiLruinaria — Blood-root.

Siesta — Monday nap.

Silicia — Pure flint.

Sphiwler — Contracting muscle.

Sperm — Seed.

Sp ta — Phlegm.

StcrdiiV — Barrenness.

Tampau—Phig to arrest flooding.

Umbilicus — Navel.

Uiir.iite — Void urine.

Uterus — Womb.

V**gina -Passage leading to the womb.

Vcratrum Alb. — White hellebore.

Vulia — Outer lips of v**gina.

Zymotic — Ferment of morbid agent, as bacteria

Fallopian Tubes — Tubes canning the ovum or egg from the ovaries to the womb.

Fauces — Upper part of throat.

Feces — Discharges from bowels.

Fetus — Child in the womb.

Fimbriated — Finger-like.

Flatulence — Wind in stomach and bowels.

Flex— To bend.

Fomentations—Wet applications to the body

Function — The work of an organ.

Gelsetmnum — Yellow jasmine.

Gestation — Growth of child in womb.

Hatnamelis — W itch- hazel .

Hemorrhoids — Piles, falling of bowels.

Hydrastus — Golden seal.

Hygiene — How to keep well.

Ignatia — St. Ignatius bean.

Impotence — Incapable of procreating.

Jntrantenne — Within the womb.

Ipecacuanha — Ipecac.

Lobelia — Indian tobacco

Mammary — Breast.

Massage — Rubbing and kneading the body.

Meno-pause — Change of life.

Menstruation — Monthly flow from the wombb

Mercunus Cor. — Corrosive sublimate.

Mercury Sol. — Black oxide of mercury.

Metritis — Inflammation of womb.

Nux Vomica — Strychnine, vomit nut.

Obstetrics — Midwifery .

Osi — Mouth of cne womb.

Ovary — Where the ovum or eggis developed.

Ovum — Or Egg.

Parturition — Childbirth.

Pennium — Space between anus and vulva.

Peristaltic — Worm- like movement of bowels.

Peritoneum — Membrane lining the walls and covering the or- gans in the abdomen.


" after labor 200

" in infancy 245

" inchildhood 332

" in youth 1 480

Abortion, equivalent to murder 67

" dangers of — 67

Accidents, remarks on 465

" Lints on 478

Ailments, disease, etc 297

Air and exercise in pregnancy * 76-219

After-birth-. u 192

" the treatment 196

Aloe-paste, in weaning 236

Amusements in youth .... 488

in childhood 368

" for girls 490

Anteflexion treatment 583

Antroyersion 681

Antipathies of children . 850

Artificial milk 267

Analysis of milk 268

Appetite, loss of 72

Aperients '- 92

" whilenursing 280

" for infants 298

" unnecessary — .. 845

" forachild 440

Artificial feeding of infants 271

Arrow-root as food . 276

Attendants, hints to.. .. ...188

Bandage after labor... . ............— .194

Barley water and milk . — .908

Bed room, the^ in piegnanoy ......•.••..^•..•.— — 88

Black-eye, treatment

Bowels, the, after

protruaion c

" in labor

boy or girl?

treatment of. Breasts, the..



painful in p

during nursing

in second co


" treatment in Bronchitis

Bruises, treatment for Bread poultices, how

Bums, scaids, etc...

Cathartic drugs, effect

If Causes of mortality in

Carpets in the nursery

Change of life...

Child-crowing 390

Children necessary to happiness .— 14

Childhood 332

" remarks on - 360

Children's hour 359

Chicken-pox 427

Chilblains 453

Choking, on 474

Climate, effects of 87

Clothing in pregnancy 73

" after labor 193

" while nursing 216

" of an infant 255

" forachild - 335

" in youth 484

Cleanliness an incentive to health 248

Cleansings after labor 200

Contentment, a medicine 24

Confinement, duration of 176

Constipation 27

treatment 28

in pregnancy 88

prevention of f 89

of an infant 303

treatment 440

in youth 607

causes of 509

Convulsions, caused by teething 282

of an infant 801

Corporal punishment 358

Corsets, injurious effects of..— . 485

Coffee, 282

Consumption, symptoms 499


Daily bathing

Diet while nursing 216-288

•for children 839

Diphtheria 402

contagious 404

homoeopathic treatment 540

Disease, how to keep off 17

incident to pregnancy 94

of infants 297

"homoeopathic treatment of 641

diarrhoea 542

" " cholera infantum 542

" " measles 548

" " croup 544

bronchitis 545

" *' whooping cough 546

of childhood 888

Dietetics for the sick 547-550

Doctor, on consulting 460

Drainage 82

Drain-poison, a pestilence 83

Duties of a nursing mother ...208

Dysentery 815

•treatment 817

Early rising 12-20-498

Ear-ache, treatment 488

Education for children 878

Electuary, of fruit 98

Emaciation, a sign of pregnancy 69

Employment, nature's physician 206

Enema 804

broth, useful for 829

value of in pregnancy 41

Exercise, a pastime 12

" as an aperient 90

" for children 865

in infant 290


in youth

Eye, the treatment

Fainting, in pregnancy

" in youth

False labor pains .134

Falling of the womb SOS

Father, advice to ........ ,. .STS


Feeding sick children

Fidgets, in pregnancy M

Flatulency 47

Food for patients SlU

Fruit, on aperient 80-33S

diet in pregnancy 158

Gathered breast Ht

Griping of an infant .809

Grinding pains 1S9

Gumboils ...BIO

Hair, management of 484

Hals for children S38

Health, the subject of 11

" worth trouble 18

" is happiness ......... . IS

" how ruined 13

Heartburn, in pregnancy 71-W

treatment W

Head affections . 441

Hiccough Sll

Hot water

Houso without children IS

Hydropathy 508

Hjrperceinia 615

Hysteria 44

" Symptoms of 45

" peculiarities of 47

** remedy for 48

" prevention 49

" frequency 60

" treatment 60

Inflammation of the lungs 894

" of the womb 515

symptoms of 515

result of 517

Injection 528

formula for 628

•how to use 580

Important advice 838

Introductory chapter 11

Indolence, ill effects of 77

Infancy 248

" artificial feeding 271

" bathing in 245

" dress during exercise 260

" diet 261

" farinaceous food In 272

" preparation of food 278

" arrow-root as food in 278

" sugar as food 279

" salt in food 278

" exercise in 290

" sleep in 291

" composing medicine in 295

" cholera morbus in 811

Intellect, the march of 874

Irritation and itching during pregnancy 122

Kindness to children 860

Kindergarten for children 878

Lacing, results of 28-78

Lancing of the Gums ,.., ...281

night terrors

Night-cap, injurious


Nursery. the 851

" a child's domain 869

Oatmeal gruel i 03


Offspring, the love of 18

Parturition without pain 149

painless, bow obtained 16?

Period of gestation 180

Plies, in change of life 68

Pimples 510

Pleasures, effects of 34

Poisoning, on accident 467

Poisons 661-557

Pregnancy, treatment 580 S38

Pneumonia, 38

Precocious children 490

Preparation for labor 178

Pulse— the. in health 458

Puberty, an important epoch 138

Quickening 6S

Quinine mixture 118

Rest in Pregnancy 64

" after labor 198

" and quietude 201

Red gum

Retroversion, '

Retroflection " 588

Round Shoulders. treatment 499

Ruptures. 08 vel 358

Scarlet fever 4S0

" precautions against spreading 4S0

Sex within control of parents 638

Sex prevention, dangers of 634

Scrofula 496

Shivering 434

" during labor 170

Shower baths 76

Shoes for children. .

Sick nurse, qualities of 4S0

Sick room, management of 446

Sitz bath in pregnancy 76

Skin, eruption of 57

Skylight a ventilator 79

Sleep 521

" essential to health 21

" in pregnancy 85-71122

" for an infant 291

" for children 876

Sleeping rooms for children. 879

in youth 492

Soap pills, formulation 98

Soap plaster in weaning 242

Soothing Syrup 287

Sore throat 504-540

Spitting blood 499

Spurious labor pains 184

Stuffing of the nose in childhood 822

Stye, treatment of 439

Stomach, on pain in 468

Sunday, a holiday 872

Suppository 442

Supper, hearty, hurtful 19

Swallowing, accidentally, pins, coins, glass, etc 477

Sweetmeats a poison 850

Swimming, on importance of learning 482

Swollen limbs in pregnancy. 74-105

Teaching a child to walk 865

Teeth, care of 494

" use of 20

Toothache in pregnancy 72-107

Thermometer, importance of 447

Thrush, the 324

Toys for children 854^871

Tobacco, on smoking 505

Turn of life 65

Uterine therapeutics 514

V**ginal douche •• • 76

Ventilation 17-21

" of the lying-in room 181

" of the nursery - 8Q2

" and drainage 79

and full breathing 1«5

Water, an aperient 29-206

" purity of 88

" contamination of 82

Water-brash 100

on the brain 884

Warm baths, the use of 461

" temperature of 462

Washing of a child's head 888

Walking, the results of 15

" a beautifier 15

when to walk 16

Weaning, symptoms denoting the necessity of . . . .- 289

time for 285

manner of 285

Weak ankles in infancy. 889

Wet nurse, hints on selecting 266

Wet compress 448-288

Whites, the 49

" in pregnancy 120

Whooping-cough. . • 428

Wine after labor 204

Wife, the young .11

Worms, varieties of 465

Youth 480

Yes indeed, this is one impressive book, just chock full of all things women should know during Victorian times! Often a book of this type was the only source for information in rural areas, and sorely needed as folks lived many miles from each other. This hardbound dark brown cloth covered book has the title imprinted in gold with a black imprinted recessed fancy design around the edges. The same is on the spine. The pages are unmarked with a nice patina, and the text block is tightly bound. The first flyleaf and a couple pages are tender, the title page not completely attached about 1/3 of the way near the spine, but all intact. The rest of the book looks as if it has never been read. The outside cover boards have wear consistent for a book of its age, the corners and spine have some wear and scuffing. 575 pages. Overall size is 5.5 x 8 inches. Wonderful reference book for the nurse, midwife, and general women's health.

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