Amberina Threaded Art Glass Boston Sandwich Glass 1870 - 1880Amberina Threaded Art Glass Boston Sandwich Glass 1870 - 1880Amberina Threaded Art Glass Boston Sandwich Glass 1870 - 1880

This delicate blown art glass Amberina dish a gorgeous color combination of amber and rose ruby. It is so delicately ruffled and threaded I can not imagine the work that went into it. I will be adding more photos to get the color right and detail of base etc. This Boston & Sandwich Glass dish is in perfect condition, measuring 6.25" in diameter. The color is ethereal, perfection, very fine antique art glass from a famous east coast 19th century factory that closed in 1888 but produced so much and diverse beautiful glass.

Excerpts from the Boston Sandwich Glass Museum:
"By 1870, the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company had changed its production line to more delicate, finely blown, engraved and decorated glassware to appeal to an upscale clientele and compete against the Midwestern factories. At its height, the factory employed hundreds of men, women and children in the various processes of glass making and decoration. The community around the factory continued to thrive, as seen in a photo of the 1876 Centennial celebration, where the glassblowers threw tricolor glass bracelets to the crowds.
Catalog plate
The change in production included a variety of blown, pressed, cut, engraved and decorated wares, some of which were featured in the company’s catalog of the 1870s. Nicholas Lutz, originally from France, came to the company in the 1870s and brought new styles to production including threaded ware and paperweights."

Art Glass, Amberina Glass

Amberina Threaded Art Glass Boston Sandwich Glass 1870 - 1880


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