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Satsuma Kyoto Moriage Pottery Vase Cabinet Miniature Dollhouse Antique - image 1 of 8

Exquisitely done, this lovely cabinet miniature Japanese Satsuma pottery vase dates late 19th to early 20th century. The pottery (non porcelain) miniature vase is highly enameled (called Moriage) and depicts an Aladdin type hand painted character with flying carpet scene on one side and a floral on the obverse. The accent decoration is done in a tapestry affect. There is no marks, common to this age. Originally these were exquisite cabinet miniatures but it is a perfect size for an adult's dollhouse display. Measuring 4.25 " high with a 1.5" base, the satsuma vase is in fine condition with no damage. From a lifetime dealer collector's collection, this will be a lovely addition to your collection.

Reference: Gothenberg For your information about Moriage Satsuma:
"Moriage is a slip decoration of raised enamels. It occurs on Satsuma wares as early as circa 1890 but tends to be more carefully applied on early pieces. Moriage also seems to be limited to pieces made outside of the Satsuma domain while being typical for Kyoto Satsuma ware. Crudely applied moriage indicates a dating in the 20th century and was popular on true porcelain well into the 1950s"


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Satsuma Kyoto Moriage Pottery Vase Cabinet Miniature Dollhouse Antique


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