Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881

This great Gorham match safe has two different patterns on its front and back surfaces. Each of the two patterns contain three sections divided by those super, well defined horizontal lines. The front contains a lovely simplistic floral with the main flower in the center and its leaves in the top and bottom sections. The backside is done with the same form of floral placement but contains a much different style of floral design. In the center section, lower right-hand corner, you will find the owners initials of T. B. C. engraved.

The sterling is in excellent condition with no rips, dents, holes, cracked seams, nasty scratches, abrasions or repairs. You will of course find that expected and normal faint surface scuffing on the smooth un-patterned areas from use and old style cleaners. The lid's original hinge is in working order without repair. The lid has it's proper interior closure mechanism and closes with a loud click. When you close the safe the lid is firmly closed with a proper alignment of rims, there is no wiggle & it stays closed when safe is shaken. With close inspection you can find a couple of those very tiny sized faint surface indentations at the base next to the hand engraved striker. The striker is still very well defined as when I lightly rub my finger nail across I feel the texture. The floral patterns have excellent definition, very well defined with no evidence of uneven wear. My last photo, 3rd. insert, is a picture looking into the body of the safe to show there are no holes or cracked seams.

The mark's are on the inside bottom lip as seen in the last insert of the last photo. The safe measures 2 5/8" tall x 1 3/8" wide x 3/8" deep. A match safe in super condition with wonderful age for your collection.

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Gorham Sterling Match Safe # 210 - Date Mark 1881


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