Limoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket BoxLimoges China Trinket Box

This example is, as not a French Limoges item, as titled, but is a 'China' trinket box, since it was made in that locale, rather than in France, as is all true Limoges porcelain.

The fleur-dis-lis with banner mark seen on the bottom is a well-known fake mark. Well-known, that is, to veteran collectors. Since it is one may still be causing confusion for beginning collectors, who may assume items bearing it are authentic, we have offered it for viewing here. Unfortunately, the image of the mark on this piece is not entirely clear. For reference, the banner below the fleur-dis-lis reads, 'Limoges China." This mark is known to appear printed on a variety on non-authentic goods in either a blue or gold color. A similar, newer, mark of fleur-dis-lis without the banner can be seen in Item ID: 2007RP00051 here in this shop. There is no 'Limoges' in China, that region is in France. Note that neither of the fleur-dis-lis marks include the name of the country of manufacture. That's because these pieces are allowed to be imported into the U.S. without being permanently marked with country of production and enter bearing only a paper label that is quickly removed by re-sellers.

Many of the same items wearing this false Limoges mark are also being offered by the same reproduction wholesale sources with an equally spurious R.S. Prussia or Nippon mark, instead. In other words, it is possible to have the exact same item, identical in all ways except for its supposed 'maker's mark' on the bottom.

This item measures 6 inches by 8 inches.

Item ID: 2007RP00095

Limoges China Trinket Box

$100 USD

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