Roseville Pottery Wall Pocket - Brown Foxglove 1292-8Roseville Pottery Wall Pocket - Brown Foxglove 1292-8Roseville Pottery Wall Pocket - Brown Foxglove 1292-8Roseville Pottery Wall Pocket - Brown Foxglove 1292-8

This reproduction example may seem to be a great vintage find for the price if given only a hasty glance. On the back it is marked "Roseville 1292-8" and Roseville wall pockets are highly desirable.

But, this is not an authentic Roseville Pottery item. Although in most instances a mark is not the recommended first step for pottery or porcelain identification, in this case it can help to know that the word "Roseville" (without "USA") was used on that companies pottery only from 1932-1937. The Foxglove pattern did not enter production until 1942, so one should expect "USA" to be positioned in the wide, vacant area between the pottery name and the mold number. The reason you see a gap between the Roseville name and the mold number on the many articles of fake Roseville available is because imports from another country, in this case China, cannot legally be imported if bearing an indication that they were made in the United States (USA). So, although an authentic Roseville wall pocket may have been used to create the mold for this item, the 'USA' part of the mark was removed before copies were made.

The glaze on this example is flat and uninviting, there is no careful shading with secondary colors that blend nicely with one another, like there are on carefully produced originals. The thick clay body of this item is dead white, as well. Clay color can be noted on the back, where glazing is absent. Vintage Roseville pottery was made of a more cream to buff color clay.

Note the lack of definition on this item. Flower petals and leaves lack proper detail and the glazing is sloppy, there is overspray and exchanges of colors where none should be present, like the brown glaze on the tips of the leaves which should be green.

Although such a poorly made piece as this is highly unlikely to fool the veteran buyer, a novice may not immediately spot the difference in quality and might buy a piece like this as 'authentic' because they are guided only by the spurious application of the Roseville name. And often, they will pay too much because they thought they were buying vintage pottery. False Roseville articles are available for a very nominal price from reproduction wholesale sources.

In the case of this specific item, another characteristic that marks it as false is the fact that the real Roseville Pottery company never made the Foxglove pattern wall pocket with a brown glaze.

This item measures: 8 inches tall by 6 inches wide.

Item ID: 2007RP00094

Roseville Pottery Wall Pocket - Brown Foxglove 1292-8

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