Edwardian Ornate 10K Gold Filigree 5 Diamond RingEdwardian Ornate 10K Gold Filigree 5 Diamond RingEdwardian Ornate 10K Gold Filigree 5 Diamond RingEdwardian Ornate 10K Gold Filigree 5 Diamond Ring

This is another example to illustrate a type of Edwardian style reproduction ring sold by various retail venues that specialize in reproductions or copies of period pieces. Reputable firms clearly mark their reproduction items in ways that make it clear no deception by them is intended, only homage to the past. Even so, these can sometimes be found on the market today being misrepresented as period pieces. If a reproduction is not what you want to own then knowing ways to identify the new products can help you avoid those that are being accidentally or purposefully misrepresented as to age.

This example is a ladies ornate filigree ring typical of Edwardian designs. It has floral work in yellow-gold, a white gold top and five single-cut diamonds. The inside of this ring is marked "10kp". That particular mark is a good indication this item is not a period-made piece. The 'P' stamped after the karat mark stands for "Plumb." This is a mark which only came into widespread use in the U.S. after 1981, when the National Stamping Act of 1906 was changed to require indication of fineness within three-thousands of the karat mark stamped on a piece - or Plumb. Some manufacturers may have used this mark before that date, to indicate that their pieces exceeded the minimal government standards, but these occurrences are very rare.

Another indication that an item is not Edwardian in age is the presence of white gold or rhodium plating. Most authorities date the first commercial use of white gold to 1911 or 1917.
Rhodium plating did not see much use until the 1930's.The Edwardian period ended in 1910, at the end of the reign of Queen Victoria's son, King Edward VII of England.

This item is actually made of all yellow gold, with rhodium plate giving the appearance of the Platinum which would have been used on an Edwardian piece. Notice that the white material does not show on the interior of the ring. Also note that the prongs have had enough wear to remove the plating and allowing the true color of the ring to show slightly.

The actual finish of the interior of the ring indicates that the piece is cast. The originals would have been stamped in one or two flat pieces and then formed into a ring. The interior would have a much smoother and shinier finish. Sloppy, rough filigree or less than well finished pierced work can be indicative of cheaply manufactured reproductions and fakes. This is because such pieces are being produced quickly in high volume. Expect to see fineness in the design elements of an authentic example. Please remember that poor detail in a reproduction piece may be mistaken for the worn detail of a true vintage piece. Metals used and cuts of stone must also always be 'right' for the period suggested.

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Edwardian Ornate 10K Gold Filigree 5 Diamond Ring

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