McCoy Little Red Riding Hood S & P ShakersMcCoy Little Red Riding Hood S & P ShakersMcCoy Little Red Riding Hood S & P Shakers

These examples are shakers that represent just one of the many different fantasy, fake or reproduction shapes in the Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) design of which collectors should be aware. These are new pieces, still available from the wholesale distributor, that will often be presented for sale as if old. Sometimes this can occur because the person selling them is honestly not aware they are fakes. But often a seller does know this and will still present them to a potential buyer as if old and authentic. This suggestion can be helped along by the crazing that is present in the glaze on these pieces, which may be mistaken as a sign for age. But, these false 'age cracks' are produced at the factory.

These pieces were cheaply made of a type of ceramic material never used by the McCoy Pottery Company. Even though they are marked, 'McCoy' on the reverse side of the base that is just a name that was added to the mold for a purpose. The maker of these types of fake items could just as easily have marked their molds, 'Bob' or 'Smith' but those names would not have been as useful. If you see a set of these sitting on a table at a flea market for a very tempting low price, just remember that the McCoy Pottery Company never made LRRH items. Any Little Red item marked McCoy that might look similar to Hull's LLRH design is always going to be a contemporary fake.

Each shaker measures approximately 4 and 1/2 inches tall.

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McCoy Little Red Riding Hood S & P Shakers

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