Hull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter PitcherHull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter Pitcher

This is another example of the many different reproductions of Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH) pottery designs now being sold in the collectibles market. More often than not, these are represented to be authentic.

Some authentic pieces were completely unmarked and many new fantasy and reproduction pieces may be marked with a very good rendition of the original Hull Pottery mark. For this reason, basing a determination of authenticity solely on the fact an item is or is not marked doesn't help. Even if you see a mark on a piece that is not going to be a proper indication it is a 'right' item any more than not seeing one would mean it is non-authentic. Identification is best achieved by noting item characteristics.

Note the heavy, obvious crazing on this unmarked piece, for instance. Newer items always have low quality clay bodies with glazes that were intentionally crazed when made. These are not vitreous, meaning they don't have the same type of shiny, hard, vitreous china body as originals. Authentic LRRH items were intended for regular household use. The nonporous nature of the vitreous china of which they were made was very durable. Vitrified china is not susceptible to crazing, so if an item has heavy surface crazing it can be assumed that it is made of something else. Being aware of this difference can be the most useful for quickly identifying a new piece.

Original Little Red items, too, were carefully painted. No matter how small the item expect it to have a life-like face with blue eyes that glance to the side, a well-shaped and discernible nose and well-formed lips. Reproduction items will almost invariably have very pale yellow hair blotted with some hasty brown spots or slashes and very little definition for facial features like noses and lips. They also almost always have green eyes that stare hypnotically straight ahead. Unlike the crisp details of the originals, reproductions and fakes generally have noses that are mere blobs and lips hastily painted in a garish red. Blush spots were also present on each cheek in originals, this was part of the original patented design, but these are frequently completely absent on reproduction faces. If you place a new reproduction face next to that of an original the quality differences between molding and painted decorations jumps out at you. See the comparison photo that shows typical authentic Hull Little Red Riding Hood faces inset next to one from a reproduction similar to the one in this listing to note the obvious differences.

Search this shop for 'Little Red Riding Hood' to see additional Hull marked or unmarked fake and fantasy items, as well as some fakes marked 'McCoy.'

Reproduction items often are not the same size of the original item they copy, either, but sellers of repros don't always tell the truth about item measurements in their listings because they are already aware measurements might make a collector turn away from the purchase. This means that when buying online knowing the other features to look for can often be of better assistance than measurement numbers.

This individual item measures approximately 6 1/4 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP00071

Hull Pottery Little Red Riding Hood Batter Pitcher

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