Porcelain Cheese Dish and CoverPorcelain Cheese Dish and CoverPorcelain Cheese Dish and CoverPorcelain Cheese Dish and CoverPorcelain Cheese Dish and CoverPorcelain Cheese Dish and Cover

This example is a reproduction-type item made on the same porcelain body style as Item ID: 2007RP000448 but with a different color of floral decoration and a slightly different, but equally false, maker's mark. The color scheme on this dish is ivory, green, and yellow, decorated with pink and yellow roses and gold accents. Often offered for sale as 'vintage' or 'antique,' even though they are not at all old, these kinds of items try to resemble real R.S. Prussia marked fine German dishes.

See the vase listed as Item ID: 2007RP000159 here in this shop to see the same surface design and color scheme along with the same pale green backstamp with a wreath and a star on its bottom. This is not an authentic back stamp but a new mark. Since the mark resembles a wreath mark sometimes seen on authentic R.S. Prussia porcelain, however, this covered dish may be mistaken for an item made in a Schlegelmilch factory long ago. The mark is of course notably lacking any actual print or mention of 'Prussia,' but such an omission may not prevent a mistake in identification from being made. Many recent fakes imported by wholesale reproduction houses are all too often eventually sold later to trusting and unsuspecting buyers as 'authentic' R.S. Prussia items. If a potential buyer has not handled sufficient numbers of authentic articles to be able to quickly know them by body or decoration, they may mistakenly buy false items because a specious mark was all that was used to incorrectly identify them.

Though attractive for use as a decorative item, the quality of the porcelain and the decal decoration is not comparable to authentic R.S. Prussia porcelain.

Measures 8 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall.

Item ID: 2007RP000564

Porcelain Cheese Dish and Cover

$60 USD

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